The Top 3 Biggest Recent Impacts on Applicant Tracking System Technology

The recruiting industry is constantly shifting and moving, and recruiting agencies must constantly strive, in this evolving market, to keep up with their competitors. As a result, applicant tracking system technology has undergone a number of significant upgrades in recent years as firms look for a competitive advantage. When considering the purchase of an ATS, recruiting firms want software that will allow them to complete everyday tasks with the greatest possible speed and accuracy. In addition, staffing agencies covet the ability to access their chosen applicant tracking system anywhere from any device, and they don’t want to be hampered by the slow-moving update and expansion processes of non-cloud providers. These three areas – speed, mobile access, and cloud-based software – have become crucial factors for agencies looking to invest in recruiting software. Fortunately, applicant tracking system technology has made great strides in each of these areas, with all the benefits going to the recruiting industry and its agencies.


The advances in applicant tracking system speed through the early part of the century should not be surprising to anyone paying attention to the rapidly growing state of technology in general. Remember using the Internet on a cell phone in 2002? Yeah, me neither. Virtually all software has been forced to keep up with the ongoing evolution of technology in the 21st century, including applicant tracking system software. But as with all technology, there is always room for performance improvement, and improvements are being made to applicant tracking system technology all the time. As recently as last year, Bullhorn introduced significant updates to its applicant tracking system software, streamlining its interface, increasing speed threefold, and enabling its customers to search 100 million candidates in half a second. In a competitive field of applicant tracking systems, Bullhorn has made use of state-of-the-art recruiting technology in order to rise head and shoulders above the competition.

Mobile Access

As technology has universally become more and more focused on mobile capabilities, so too has recruiting technology. People have moved from desktop computers to laptops to smartphones, and so too have recruiting professionals. Daily interactions with clients and candidates don’t happen in a single location, and a recruiter has to be prepared to take action from anywhere at any time, even when he or she is out of the office. Mobile capabilities have become a must for any applicant tracking system software that aims to provide a comprehensive experience for recruiters. Bullhorn, as the provider of the most complete solution for managing the recruiter workflow, allows its users to view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device at any time. The ability to enter data into an applicant tracking system immediately after meetings with clients and candidates is a crucial tool for any recruiter, and Bullhorn has put that ability into the palms of recruiters’ hands.

Cloud-Based Software

For years, recruiting companies looking to invest in an applicant tracking system were beholden to on-premise setups. These ATS products forced (and continue to force) agencies to rely on their providers’ update schedules to keep up in the applicant tracking system technology sphere. Unfortunately for recruiting firms with on-premise applicant tracking systems, these enhancements, updates, and upgrades typically only occur once every few years. Perhaps worse, firms can end up leaking money, as professional services may need to be hired to facilitate each upgrade. However, recruiting technology has improved along with universal technology, and cloud-based applicant tracking systems have been circumventing the problems presented by on-premise solutions for several years. With multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service applicant tracking systems based in the cloud, all updates are rolled out to all customers on a regular basis, not at long intervals while you fall behind the competition’s advancing technology. Bullhorn, as the leading provider of multi-tenant SaaS applicant tracking system technology, gives you the opportunity to generate more business for your firm by always having the most up-to-date recruiting technology at your fingertips.

The Solution

In an industry that’s constantly improving and ascending like the recruiting industry, your agency has to have the best available recruiting technology to be at its best. In an applicant tracking system market where the stakes are high and the limits are always expanding, it can be difficult to know which solution is actually the best for your company. Fortunately, there are solutions for you that have capitalized on each of the most important recent technological developments in the recruiting industry. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system has state-of-the-art speed and processing power and can be accessed from anywhere at any time through its mobile capabilities. It’s also cloud-based, with its multi-tenant SaaS architecture giving users the most modern system possible at all times. With a solution like the Bullhorn ATS, your recruiting firm can stay on the cutting edge of recruiting technology and maximize its productivity and success.

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