Removing Roadblocks: Improve Recruiter Workflows with Integrated Communications

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What are three major challenges and roadblocks that recruiters face? Contacting lots of candidates in short amounts of time, not being able to reach candidates the first time, and not knowing about the relationship history of a candidate. With updated tools, recruiters can remove these roadblocks and make placements faster. 

Here are three ways integrated communications technology can remove roadblocks for recruiters:

1) Contacting lots of candidates in short amounts of time

Trying to reach out to multiple, qualified people for one role in a short amount of time is a challenge for recruiters. An easy way to encourage more outreach is through a ‘power hour’, by blocking off a designated hour for recruiters to reach out to as many contacts as possible. Set up reporting and showcase top performers by displaying or distributing the results. Providing visibility into the results will gamify the power hour and inspire healthy competition among recruiters.

2) Reaching candidates the first time

Are your candidates responding to recruiters the first time they reach out? Not being able to reach candidates on the first try is a frustrating roadblock for recruiters. With so many options for communication (email, social media, phone, and text), starting new conversations can be difficult. To remedy this, make initial contact with candidates through multichannel outreach.

3) Not knowing the relationship history of a candidate

Nothing is more frustrating for a recruiter than trying to remember a conversation with a candidate from months ago. By looking in the CRM/ATS first, recruiters can refresh themselves on the candidate’s journey as well as their personal details. Additionally, when a candidate calls out of the blue, it is important to have their information ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Communication is at the core of these challenges. Make sure that your recruiters have the most up to date technology solution available in order to overcome them. 

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