Bullhorn for Operations Teams

Bullhorn provides your operations team with tools to automate and streamline onboarding and back office processes, as well as gain actionable business insights.

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Solutions for Operations

Products to help operations teams better manage contingent staffing operations and
improve operational efficiency

Streamline Operational Processes

  • By automating highly manual processes, your team will reduce wasted time, improve their margins, increase total placement volumes and maximize their agility.

Uncover Business Insights with Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Bullhorn Canvas gives you the flexibility to run reports on every dimension of your business. Empower your operations team with true ad hoc reporting and data-driven insights. 

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Bullhorn Onboarding

Manage and automate new hire document processes

Take control over your entire onboarding process through electronic document management and tracking with Bullhorn Onboarding. 

With Bullhorn Onboarding you can:

  • Create as many new hire forms as your clients request
  • Automatically populate contractor data
  • Offer a secure portal login and electronic signatures for easy form completion

Spend less time on managing new-hire paperwork and improve operational efficiency with Bullhorn Onboarding!


"Since we’ve implemented Bullhorn Onboarding, we’ve successfully shortened the time between placement and start from days to just hours."

-Rolf Kramer, Kranect


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Bullhorn Back Office

Eliminate the pain of the paper chase


Bullhorn Back Office streamlines time-consuming activities and helps eliminate expensive and frustrating errors. By moving your back office online, you can access your records anytime, anywhere.

Giving clients the easiest time submittal and approval process possible means that you’ll get approvals – and get paid – faster than ever.


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Bullhorn VMS Access

The only closed-loop VMS integration for staffing firms

With Bullhorn VMS Access you can automatically load jobs directly into the Bullhorn ATS and send all your candidate data back to your VMS.

Automating this process allows recruiters to start working their jobs faster and avoid wasting time on jobs that are already filled – resulting in faster time-to-submit, increased fill-rates and total submittal volume

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Bullhorn Canvas

Use the power of ad hoc reporting to grow your business


Bullhorn Canvas goes beyond standard reporting, and puts the power of ad hoc reporting in the hands of your team.

Uncover powerful insights from otherwise hidden data, including relationship velocity, employee performance, KPIs, and business metrics. With Canvas you can build any type of report to uniquely understand your business.

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