November 2018 Product Release Highlights

November Release Notes

In this post, you will learn about a few of the exciting new updates (and bug fixes!) you can expect to see in Bullhorn by the end of the month.


We’re always trying to improve our products, and we love when customers provide feedback that helps us do so! If you have product feedback, please submit it to our team here!

Faster Load Times – Lists

S Release & Novo
We’ve changed things on the back-end to help your LISTS in Bullhorn load even faster! Saving even a few seconds here and there can really add up!

Faster Load Times – Gmail Add-On

S Release & Novo
We improved the performance of our Gmail Add-On to load 50% faster!

Commas as Decimals

We enhanced number fields to accept a comma as a decimal for clients using Bullhorn outside the U.S.

Lead Custom Objects in Canvas

Canvas users can now report on data that is stored in Custom Objects on Leads.

New Job Board Supported by Sidebar

Sidebar users can now take advantage of our new integration with!

Bug Fixes

Think you’ve spotted a Bullhorn bug? Make sure to submit a Support Ticket so we can investigate!

Search Improvements

A minor enhancement that makes all the difference: Find (the search bar at the top) will now ignore leading and trailing spaces when searching for IDs and Email Addresses.

Timesheet Errors

Bullhorn Back Office
Employees and administrators should no longer receive an error when submitting or approving timesheets with decimal values.

Improved Localization

We resolved several issues for our non-English users. Both the Distribution List tab and the Task List tab on the bowling alley are now displaying the correct value for clients. Additionally, Diacritic Characters are now being correctly converted on the Job Publish page.

File Preview Error

We resolved an issue where users were unable to close a file preview when the file name was particularly long because it as pushing the “X” in the top-right corner off the page.

For a complete look at November’s product updates, please visit The S Release and Novo release notes.

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