Bullhorn Sidebar


Unmatched Job Board Productivty.

No more switching between job board and ATS. No more using copy and paste to parse a resume. While on a job board, Sidebar automatically tells you if that candidate is in Bullhorn and if not, makes it easy to add them directly to the ATS. Quickly update existing candidate information, add notes or tasks, and more!

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A job board productivity tool to help you source more efficiently

Getting the most value out of the time and money you spend on job boards is important. Today, sourcing candidates is very manual and inefficient, full of guesswork and manual copy/pasting. When you multiply this process across your whole team, it can have a significant impact on your team's productivity and ability to deliver a great candidate experience. With Bullhorn Sidebar, there's no more guesswork or manual copy/pasting.

Recruiters can easily:

    • Know which candidates are already in the ATS and see recent Notes
    • Add new candidate resumes from the job board automatically
    • Add notes or tasks without leaving the job board
    • Reduce job board spend by avoiding views on candidates already in Bullhorn

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The Bullhorn Sidebar Advantage

Race Ahead of The Competition

As the latest candidate data feeds directly onto their screen, recruiters save precious time as they reach candidates ahead of competitors and increase placement rates.

Increase Candidate Capture

With Bullhorn Sidebar, teams build bigger, stronger Talent Communities. How? Capture resumes with a single click, or go full-auto with every candidate profile view automatically pulled into your ATS.

Reduce Job Board Costs


Bullhorn Sidebar clients reduce their duplicate views by nearly 25%, cutting down job board costs while capturing sought-after candidates in the ATS.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Search over 15 job boards including Monster, CareerBuilder, and Dice.

Step 2

The Bullhorn Sidebar Chrome extension loads on the job board automatically, and tries to find a match of that candidate in your ATS.

Step 3

If the candidate doesn't exist in your ATS, they can be added automatically.

If the candidate already exists, Bullhorn Sidebar can update their record with the most up-to-date resume.

Step 4

Easily take action by adding notes or scheduling tasks without switching back and forth between the job board and your ATS.