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Do You Have a Targeted Candidate Engagement Strategy?

As firms gear up to tackle the challenges of engaging their candidates with new processes, new technology, and a renewed fervor, it’s critical to identify your candidate engagement goals in order to determine the most strategic solution for your firm. Read More

Understanding The Bullhorn Partner Ecosystem

While Bullhorn’s extensible platform and open APIs allow companies to build their own integrations or add ons, we also continue to invest in an ecosystem focused on the needs of staffing firms like yours. But what exactly comprises the Bullhorn… Read More

6 Tips For Mastering Your Bullhorn Implementation

Developing a change management strategy ensures that you can systematically move your business from its current state to a desired future state—all while minimizing productivity loss and creating an environment that accelerates long-term goals and improvements. But where do you… Read More

Support Tip: Requesting a Placement Change

Making a mistake when creating a placement can lead to a lot of unnecessary work. You might add an incorrect start date, enter the wrong pay rate, or information on the placement might change. Placement Change Requests are aimed to… Read More

Bullhorn Goes Mobile!

The day you’ve all been waiting for is here—the Bullhorn mobile application is live! Our native mobile app, Bullhorn Mobile, is out of beta and ready for general use. Available on iOS and Android, the Bullhorn app helps you win… Read More

Webinar Breakdown: Meet the New Bullhorn Onboarding

What is an onboarding process and why is it so important to your business? In today's tight job market, creating an incredible experience will cut down on lost candidates during the onboarding process. Check out our latest webinar on the… Read More