Invenias product roadmap: Introducing AI and power BI

Invenias product roadmap

“The mission of Invenias is to propel executive search professionals, to elevate the relationship between the search firm and the executive, and to help place the leaders who change the world.”

In the latest Invenias Product Roadmap session, John Hopkin, Product Manager at Bullhorn, kicked off the session by reiterating our mission to empower executive search professionals. 

During this product roadmap, Hopkin showcased two new features: AI-powered Copilot and a Power BI integration. Read on to learn how Invenias can help executive search teams deliver the very best talent with these features and more.

Introducing Invenias Copilot

Invenias Copilot – a feature that integrates AI into both desktop and web applications – is designed to streamline the content creation process for executive search professionals. It uses AI to draft personalized emails and other communications based on Invenias data. Hopkin illustrated this with a demo showing how a consultant could quickly generate a customized outreach email to a potential candidate.

Key features of Invenias Copilot include:

  • AI-generated drafts: One-click prompts to create emails and summaries.
  • Personalization: Context-specific responses tailored to individual candidates.
  • Conversational adjustments: Users can refine AI responses through a chat interface.
  • Bring your own LLM: Flexibility to choose between AI providers like OpenAI and Azure OpenAI, ensuring control over data security and compliance.

Copilot aims to enhance efficiency by reducing the time needed for initial content drafts, allowing executive search professionals to focus on strategic tasks. This feature is expected to be available by the end of June or Early July. 

Power BI Integration

The second major feature discussed was the integration of Power BI with Invenias. For those new to Power BI, it’s a powerful tool from Microsoft designed to help you bring your data to life with visually immersive and interactive dashboards. Power BI is renowned for its ability to collate and transform data into interactive visuals. Many of our customers are already familiar with Power BI, making it a natural choice for this integration.

Hopkin provided several examples of how to best use Power BI’s integration with Invenias. One example showcased a dashboard built around Invenias billing data. This dashboard provides a single view of billing activities, highlighting overdue billing, income sources, and engagement types. It’s a crucial tool for executive and billing teams to monitor financial performance and identify areas requiring attention.

Power BI can also plot activity on a map, offering a geographic perspective on data, such as billing information. Leadership can easily see where the most billing activity occurs and identify regions with overdue or paid billing. This visualization can be tailored to various levels of detail, from regional overviews to street-level insights, helping organizations pinpoint areas for growth or improvement.

Additional upcoming Invenias activities 

In addition to these features, we’re always working to ensure that Invenias is helping our customers to drive efficiency. In the months to come, customers can expect: 

  • Enhanced data migration: A new data migration architecture reduces downtime for database updates, significantly speeding up the process and making projects like data cleansing or mergers more feasible.
  • Expanded Automation capabilities: Automations have been expanded, allowing for more efficient workflows and the automatic categorization of assignments based on company data. 
  • Hide off-limits warnings: New features also include the ability to hide off-limits warnings, saving users from repetitive clicks.

Recent enhancements

As we look back on Q1 of 2024, we’ve also added the following enhancements to Invenias:

  • Users can now customize and save list views directly in the web app.
  • Aesthetic updates to Invenias Web have modernized its appearance without disrupting user familiarity.
  • Introduction of features like ‘last contact’ columns in people views helps maintain and rekindle client relationships efficiently.
  • Huge marketplace growth. The Invenias marketplace continues to expand, integrating new partners like Ringover, who offer additional functionalities such as click-to-dial and WhatsApp integration.

Overall, these updates and features aim to improve data accessibility, operational efficiency, and user experience within the Invenias platform, ensuring that users can maximize the value derived from their data.

Watch the full webinar here to see everything we’ve added to Invenias in 2024 and get a look at what’s to come.

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