Bullhorn Copilot is now available on Bullhorn for Salesforce and Bullhorn Workforce Management

Bullhorn Copilot

Last year at Engage Boston 2023, we discussed how the power of artificial intelligence (AI) could be leveraged throughout the recruitment process for things like pitching candidates for a job and writing prescreening questions. Since then, we’ve continued developing Bullhorn Copilot, our suite of AI capacities, tested the solution with a small group of early adopters, and recently released Copilot Starter on the Bullhorn ATS/CRM.

And today, at Engage Boston 2024, we were thrilled to share that Bullhorn Copilot is now available on Bullhorn for Salesforce and Bullhorn Workforce Management.

Our continued goal is to provide the most complete AI solution within the staffing industry and put AI in the hands of recruiters exactly where and when they need it, regardless of which Bullhorn platform they’re using.

To learn what this means to you as a Bullhorn for Salesforce or Bullhorn Workforce Management user, keep reading for a rundown of Copilot Starter and how to get started.

Copilot Starter for Bullhorn Salesforce solutions 

Bullhorn Copilot, our suite of AI capabilities, will span the Bullhorn solutions on Salesforce and embed AI capabilities directly into the recruiters’ workflows.

Copilot Starter, the first release of these new capabilities, embeds generative AI functionality directly into Bullhorn for Salesforce and Bullhorn Workforce Management. Recruiters will be able to use Copilot Starter with tasks such as:

  • Summarizing a candidate profile
  • Writing pre-screening questions
  • Pitching a job to a candidate
  • Generating emails and text messages
  • Improving a message

Copilot supports integrations with multiple AI providers, allowing staffing firms to evaluate and select the LLM provider that best fits their needs.

With Bullhorn Copilot, you can unlock new levels of productivity for your team and allow all of your recruiters, whether junior staff or seasoned professionals, to work more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

How can I get Copilot Starter?

Copilot Starter is available to Bullhorn customers who have Bullhorn for Salesforce, Bullhorn Workforce Edition, or Bullhorn Enterprise Edition ATS/CRM (or a bundle that includes these products).

Get started by contacting your Account Manager or filling out this form.

What resources can help me be successful with Copilot Starter?

We want you to get the most out of Copilot and Bullhorn’s solutions on Salesforce. Check out our collection of blog posts on AI in staffing, and keep reading for our top resources to get you started.

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We’re excited about what the future holds for Bullhorn Copilot. We encourage you to get started with Copilot and share your feedback and AI suggestions with our team so we can ensure our solutions continue to drive the staffing industry forward.

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