Why Bluestones Medical Trusts Bullhorn Workforce Management to Digitally Transform their Business

Since partnering with Bullhorn Workforce Management (previously Sirenum), Bluestones Medical has seen a 50% increase in its workforce and a 93% increase in its gross profit per employee

Bluestones Medical, an affiliated brand of the Bluestones Group, is an NHS England and Wales approved framework nursing and healthcare agency that works with organisations across the United Kingdom and Wales. The Bluestones Medical team specialises in recruiting for general nursing, community nursing, mental health, and complex care. They support many public and private sector organisations to find the best healthcare workers, ensuring their patients can receive the best care.

The Challenge

When Darren Logue joined the Bluestones Medical and Bluestones Medical Complex Care team as Managing Director, he needed to evaluate the problematic areas of the business. After reviewing the current processes, he determined that there was an issue with the productivity and efficiency of the team. Darren determined that they would need to move away from spreadsheets and digitise their operation to create an environment that would support productivity and future growth.

During this evaluation, Darren identified numerous challenges with their current processes, including:

Lack of Visibility into Data – Bluestones Medical didn’t have visibility into their data or the work they needed to prioritise through functional dashboards, so they were not empowered to manage their business or day-to-day activities. Their recruiters had to spend a lot of time guessing where the data was and searching for the information they needed instead of talking to candidates, which slowed down their business. The Bluestones Medical team required a solution to improve data visibility through accurate, live reporting. They needed this visibility to reduce the time their recruiters were spending reconciling timesheet discrepancies so that they could focus on building relationships with their candidates and clients.

Recruiter Productivity Challenges – Bluestones Medical required a solution to support the human elements of recruiting to improve their team’s productivity. They needed to be able to spend more time having meaningful conversations with candidates and less time completing manual, operational tasks.

“Technology should support the manual elements of the business to drive it forward. Our last solution wasn’t doing that,” said Darren. Bluestones Medical wanted to partner with a platform that would reduce their team’s manual admin work while allowing them to prioritise their time with their candidates.

Prolonged Time to Fill Shifts – The healthcare recruitment industry moves quickly, with agencies receiving thousands of shifts daily. They need to be able to distribute the shifts to their workforce and get them filled as soon as possible. The Bluestones Medical team needed a system that would allow them to fill shifts quicker, setting them apart from the competition.

“Our previous system was sluggish; you could click all day long to fill one shift. It wasn’t very user-friendly,” said Darren. “Then, when you filled ten shifts that day or fulfilled ten requirements, you’d need to put it onto a spreadsheet to see the monetary outcomes of filling those shifts. It was a system for the sake of storing something on a system. It was not a system for growth.” Darren needed a system that would allow the team to efficiently manage shifts while illustrating the outcomes.

The Solution

The Bluestones Medical team needed a solution that would be easy to understand and quick to implement. Darren had utilised Bullhorn Workforce Management (then-called Sirenum) at a previous organisation and identified it as the solution he wanted his team to use. “We didn’t look at other options,” said Darren.“I opened the conversation with Bullhorn because of how intuitive it was to use and the visuals that came with Bullhorn Workforce Management.”

Bluestones Medical went live on Bullhorn Workforce Management in September 2020, only six months after the initial conversations began. Since the team was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and working from home, they were excited to ditch their spreadsheets in exchange for a  centralised system. Bluestones Medical had to adapt to the change quickly, as they decided to delete all of their spreadsheets and dive headfirst into the platform. Thankfully, they found the technology very easy to use.

“I would be confident enough to say that we wouldn’t have grown throughout the pandemic as we did had we not had Bullhorn Workforce Management in our back pocket. I believe that the transition throughout the pandemic was a success because of how user-friendly Bullhorn Workforce Management is,” said Darren. It is so simple that people who get nervous with new technology are able to ramp up and be successful quickly.

However, as with any change, there can be hesitancy. Individuals on the team were used to their spreadsheets and needed a push to digitise their systems. Yet, once they immersed themselves in Bullhorn Workforce Management, they realised that they could complete their tasks quicker, slicker, and faster while improving productivity and efficiencies within the business.

Bullhorn Workforce Management enabled me to change things quickly because of how easy it is to use. You can click something a few times and see a visual that tells you all about what you’re doing instantly. That helped the individuals on my team who weren’t change embracers become change embracers as well.
Darren Logue
Darren Logue Managing Director

The Results

Bullhorn Workforce Management delivers a Workforce Management Solution which provides value for Bluestones Medical’s operations from a scheduling perspective by automating the assignments for workers, managing competencies and compliance, streamlining payroll, and providing better visibility on Key Performance Indicators. As a result of using Bullhorn Workforce Management, the Bluestones Medical team has been able to Meet the Moment by increasing visibility into their data, improving the efficiency of their workflows, reducing time to fill shifts, and enhancing the recruiter experience.

Improved Visibility Into Data – With Bullhorn Workforce Management, the Bluestones Medical team has complete visibility into their data through dashboards. According to Darren, the dashboards are ingrained into the success of Bullhorn Workforce Management, driving daily conversations around growth. They have them displayed on monitors throughout the office as a daily reminder of their KPIs.

“I host a company update call every Monday based on the dashboards from the last week. If I set a target or figure, I can see where we are daily based on those dashboards. The belief in Bullhorn Workforce Management, from Bluestones Medical and Bluestones Medical Complex Care is just phenomenal.”

This improved data visibility has made it easier for the team to make informed decisions around process changes. “Before Bullhorn Workforce Management, if I wanted to implement something or introduce a new specialism, it would have been tougher because everything was on a spreadsheet. An individual could have easily manipulated the data because it was a very manual process,” said Darren. “Now, my team is hooked on how visual our dashboards are. Bullhorn Workforce Management has steered a lot of the decisions and changes we’ve made.”

Growth Through Improved Efficiency – Bullhorn Workforce Management supports the human element of recruiting, allowing the Bluestones Medical team to spend less time on manual tasks and more time building relationships with their candidates. “We talk a lot here about the candidates being close to our hearts. Whatever system we implemented needed to free us up to have conversations with our candidates. We have to be there whenever they need us and not be bogged down working on systems all day long. Bullhorn Workforce Management allows us to be available, which is great,” said Darren. The reduction in manual admin work has allowed the team to prioritise their time and become more efficient.

This efficiency has resulted in exponential growth. “Our business has gone from strength to strength because of Bullhorn Workforce Management. We’ve grown by 150%, which is absolutely phenomenal. Our active workforce has grown by 50% since 2020. It’s all having to do with that blend of human and IT working hand in hand,” said Darren. In addition to active workforce growth, Bluestones Medical has seen a 93% increase in gross profit per employee, from £5,800 to an average of £11,200. They attribute this success to changes steered by Bullhorn Workforce Management.

Reduced Time to Fill Shifts – The recruitment industry moves quickly, and success is measured weekly. So when your team has open shifts, you need to fill them quickly. The recent candidate shortage and the COVID-19 pandemic made this a challenge for the Bluestones Medical team. “The need for ICU nurses was in great demand throughout the pandemic. Had we stuck with the systems we had before, we wouldn’t have been able to get the offer out as quickly as possible. However, candidates stayed with us because we had shifts on offer.”

Bullhorn Workforce Management has allowed Bluestones Medical to give candidates a visual of what shifts are open, allowing for quicker time to fill. “The app itself acts as a shop window, and we can put those open shifts on the shelves every day for candidates to see. This has helped grow our workforce, too,” said Darren.

Enhanced Recruiter Experience – Through their partnership with Bullhorn Workforce Management, Bluestones Medical has enhanced its recruiter experience. Where the recruiters were previously tied to their desks and their spreadsheets, they can now spend more of their time out on the road interacting with candidates. “Because of Bullhorn Workforce Management, our recruiters can visit individuals because they aren’t strapped to their desks. That’s great because they can spend a full day meeting candidates, so it has enabled them to have conversations and interactions face-to-face,” said Darren. “Before, if they were working off of spreadsheets, they couldn’t do that. They’d be worried about shifts going out and who was updating the spreadsheet.”

Bullhorn Workforce Managements technology has also allowed the team to complete their operational tasks on the road, giving them back more of their personal time. “Previously, when our team did go on the road, they would have to go home from those visits and update their spreadsheets. This meant that they would need to work longer hours, so they couldn’t finish work when they were meant to finish. Bullhorn Workforce Management has made their work-life balance better as well.” This flexibility wouldn’t have been possible without ditching spreadsheets for Bullhorn Workforce Management.

Bullhorn Workforce Management has been pivotal in our success.
Darren Logue
Darren Logue
Darren Logue Managing Director

What's Next?

Based on their success since implementing Bullhorn Workforce Management with Bluestones Medical, the Bluestones Group has transitioned four other brands over to the platform. Simultaneously, Bluestones Medical is participating in the beta process for Connect for Salesforce, the new mobile application for worker engagement. According to Hayley Parry, Business Systems Manager at Bluestones Medical, the team is excited by the improved functionality of the platform. “MySirenum worked really well. It was simple and great for the people who get nervous with new technology and the more mature candidates that the medical industry has. But, Connect for Salesforce takes functionality to another level.”

As for their relationship with the Bullhorn Workforce Management team? Hayley says it is built on trust. “Every time I go to the Sirenum Support Team with a question or issue, I get a response almost immediately. They always follow through with what they say they will do, and if they can’t, they come back and tell me and are honest,” said Hayley. “From that trust aspect, I never think you’ll back out of your word or let me down. Nine times out of ten, you go above and beyond to help me out of a sticky situation if I ever am in one. Everyone on your support team deserves a medal.”

Darren also believes that his ability to trust in the Bullhorn Workforce Management team has been pivotal to Sirenum’s success. He said, “In order to choose a system that you put at the heart of your business, you need to believe in the team that sits behind the technology. I need to trust that you guys will make whatever I need come true, and you absolutely have. It’s great to work alongside you and for your team to be pivotal in the growth of this business as well. I couldn’t have done it without Bullhorn Workforce Management. It’s a piece of technology that I hope is in this business for a very long time.”

For me, the trust with Bullhorn Workforce Management is a partnership that has played out extremely well, and I’m grateful for all of their hard work in making this place an absolute success.
Darren Logue
Darren Logue Managing Director

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