Bolder Staffing Inc.

Bolder Staffing Reduces Manual Back Office Processes by 90% with Bullhorn

Founded in 1992 and located in Colorado, Bolder Staffing INC (BSI) is a temporary and direct hire staffing service that is fully female-owned and operated. The locally-reputable staffing firm serves a wide variety of candidates in industries ranging from manufacturing and administration to tech and accounting, and has used the Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn Back Office, and Bullhorn Onboarding products since 2016.



Before adopting Bullhorn Onboarding, Bolder Staffing used a different front and back office system that lacked reporting capability and an incentive program, and was very difficult to use and troublesome from a productivity vantage point. “We had a lot of issues with it overall front and back, and their resolve was not good,” says Jackie Osborn, Bolder Staffing’s President, who has been running the firm for the past 25 years. The onboarding process in the years before Bullhorn was described by Osborn as “far more intensive,” as it took a considerable amount of manual work to get each candidate onboarded. Since adopting Bullhorn Onboarding, the candidate experience has improved significantly with 30-40% fewer candidates calling in with issues signing in and viewing paystubs. As the person primarily charged with resolving such complaints, Osborn cites a 50% reduction in concerns since moving to Bullhorn Onboarding, and any remaining concerns are considerably easier to resolve. As a result of leveraging Bullhorn Onboarding, Bolder Staffing has been able to redeploy the detail-oriented person previously handling onboarding into a full-time recruiting position and assign a more entry-level individual to handle onboarding responsibilities. Osborn highlights another benefit from Bullhorn Onboarding: the ability to upload documents, which includes an insurance form that they were never able to upload using their previous software. Osborn says that having the new system in place allows for fewer clicks, is more intuitive, and overall “is an easier process for our candidates.”  



Prior to using Bullhorn Back Office (BBO), the payroll and time entry process was a five-day-a-week job.  Employees were entering their time in all sorts of ways—online, via email, or through other platforms such as Fieldglass, a vendor management system. The whole process was very time-consuming and very manual. Prior to having the convenience of Bullhorn’s integration with Quickbooks, BSI employees would have to pull reports each week, calculate taxes, and configure those into Quickbooks by creating their own journal entries.


Today, with BBO, the payroll and time entry process has been reduced by almost 90% to 2-3 hours total for the week. Time entry has also improved significantly, and the integration with Quickbooks has saved employees a tremendous amount of effort. Bullhorn automates the entire process and according to Sarah Voss, Bolder Staffing’s Account and Operations Manager, “adjusting invoices is a breeze.” Osborn summarizes the benefits holistically: Bolder Staffing is now able to have a system for commission “that allows [our employees] to take control of their own destiny.”

Osborn, who describes herself as a low-tech person, has had no problem learning to use Bullhorn Back Office, and she is very appreciative of the service she has received from the Bullhorn Support team. She says, “If I need to call, I can call Support and they’re very helpful and highly adept at helping all different types of users, from beginners to experts.” Overall, Osborn and Voss describe Bullhorn Back Office as being “a good, solid product and one we would absolutely recommend.”

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