How RNnetwork Increases Speed to Market with Bullhorn VMS Sync

RNnetwork, founded in 1998, is a travel nursing staffing company located in Boca Raton, Florida, and is part of the CHG Healthcare family. With a large percentage of RNnetwork’s business built on VMS roles, the company has been using Bullhorn’s VMS automation tool, VMS Sync, for about one year.

The Challenge

According to Ingrid Soroko, RNnetwork’s Client Administration Manager, the company faced a huge obstacle with speed to market with VMS jobs.

Several years ago, Ingrid was seeing a high-demand market. In today’s more normalized market, speed to market has become the important factor as jobs are opening and closing more quickly than RNnetwork has seen before; “Right now we have fewer jobs, so the urgency to get these profiles out the door, and jobs posted internally, is greater than it was over the last few years,” Ingrid said.

Relying on a manual process was untenable for a company whose business was primarily built on VMS jobs.

“We get a significant amount of jobs each week, and those are posted real time for us,” Ingrid said. “When we were doing that manually, we had a 24-hour turnaround from when we received the jobs to when we were able to post them. By the time we got back to many of the jobs, they were already closed because of the speed of the market.”

The Solution

RNnetwork’s transition to Bullhorn VMS Sync was seamless from the onset; “Bullhorn VMS Sync took the time from the beginning to understand how we do business and why we do business the way we do. Their support has been great, and they took the time to understand everything upfront, so we got any potential hiccups out of the way before we even went live. Because of that, the whole rest of the process has been seamless,” Ingrid said.

Most VMS’ don’t cater specifically to nursing in the healthcare staffing industry, so RNnetwork takes advantage of Bullhorn VMS Sync’s filters in order to suppress unrelated healthcare jobs such as admin or tech roles.

“With Bullhorn VMS Sync, we have very little to manage on our end which makes it so accurate. We had to map our fields once during set up, and haven’t had to make any significant changes since,” Ingrid said.

The Results

Since implementing Bullhorn VMS Sync, RNnetwork has increased their speed to market, minimized errors, and even reduced headcount as a result of implementing VMS Sync.

“The biggest competitive advantage that Bullhorn VMS Sync offers is speed,” Ingrid said. “We can take the pressure off of our employees and still have the jobs posted live. That’s not the case with someone who’s posting manually, as we’ve seen in the past.”

Not only are the jobs posted immediately, but recruiters are automatically notified via a distribution list sent directly from Bullhorn VMS Sync; “The ability to present these jobs to nurses has improved because we have the jobs posted live and in real-time. Bullhorn VMS Sync sends an email to recruiters when a new job is posted, and they can present that job automatically once it’s posted in our system,” Ingrid said.

But speed alone won’t run a successful VMS business; Since implementing Bullhorn VMS Sync, Ingrid has seen a greater amount of accuracy from Bullhorn VMS Sync than other automation software. “The amount of errors we see is so minimal. We’re posting so many jobs each week and we can trust that they’re correct—it’s crucial,” Ingrid said.

After implementation, RNnetwork has also been able to reduce the amount of resources and manpower allocated to posting jobs.

“If you’re going to have errors, you might as well keep your manpower. With Bullhorn VMS Sync, we can reduce headcount and trust the data integrity,” Ingrid explained.

While Bullhorn VMS Sync is a perfect compliment to RNnetwork’s workflow, Ingrid’s favorite part of the product is the support. “Bullhorn VMS Sync support is very good at navigating through any issues we may see on our end, and helping us tweak it. That’s been the biggest change since we switched to Bullhorn VMS Sync,” Ingrid said.

Between the increase in speed and accuracy and the availability of customer support, Ingrid has nothing but good things to say about RNnetwork’s decision to switch to Bullhorn VMS Sync; “Bullhorn VMS Sync works really well—it’s a great product with great functionality that’s extremely user-friendly.”

The biggest competitive advantage Bullhorn VMS Sync offers is speed. We can take the pressure off of our employees and still have the jobs posted live. That’s not the case with someone who’s posting manually, as we’ve seen in the past.
ingridRNNetwork Bullhorn case study
RNNetwork Bullhorn case study
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