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Rowben Consulting Future-Proofs Its Success with Bullhorn

Rowben Consulting is a specialist information technology, superannuation, and digital marketing recruitment consultancy. Established in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, Rowben Consulting prides itself on three key values; Integrity, Commitment, and Quality. Following this mantra, Rowben, having recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, has grown from humble beginnings to one of the most recognised and outspoken agencies within its serviced industries.

Part of what makes Rowben Consulting unique is its commitment to adopting the highest level of professionalism in both its outward service and internal operations. Rowben Consulting’s internal data tracking, however, wasn’t always as streamlined as its reputation might suggest. Following a recent internal overhaul of recruitment data, Bullhorn caught up with Senior Sourcing Specialist Rade Manojlovic to find out more about Rowben Consulting’s experiences using the market-leading recruitment CRM provider, Bullhorn.

Rowben Consulting’s legacy recruitment software platform was clunky, server-based, and poorly maintained. Dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technology, the company made the decision to switch to the market-leading cloud provider, Bullhorn. Part of this transition process included a complete merger of candidate and client data from the previous platform onto Bullhorn. However, this legacy data was outdated and inconsistent. Problems began to arise around data integrity, which exasperated internal consultants, causing them to revert to using other, less effective methods to source candidates and track their workflow. This, of course, only worsened the problem. Frustrated, Rowben Consulting appointed Rade Manojlovic to overhaul operations and bring the agency out of its bad data spiral.

Rade began by systematically problem-sourcing issues while management weighed the possibility of going out to market for an alternative software option. He soon found that Bullhorn itself is an outstanding platform that was capable of exceeding Rowben Consulting’s expectations. The problem wasn’t with Bullhorn, but with the processes that employees were using to input data. Rade advised against switching providers and decided to work alongside Bullhorn’s dedicated project management team to find a solution. The project saw the company customising Bullhorn with resounding success and ensuring that consultants would adopt only the best data practices. The team at Rowben Consulting now finds Bullhorn to be a reliable and invaluable platform with which to conduct its daily operations.

The process has given Rade and Rowben Consulting a greater appreciation for data integrity and the capabilities of Bullhorn. Working alongside the Bullhorn team, Rade himself has become something of a product expert and now regularly trains employees on effective sourcing, best data practices, and making the most of internal resources. This has not only allowed the Rowben Consulting team to become significantly more productive, but has also made training new recruits efficient and streamlined. Consultants are now able to make up to 60% of their placements as a direct result of their comprehensive knowledge of the database, and they’re able to source candidates to whom their competitors don’t have access. As the company’s now well-maintained database grows, Rade believes that these results will only continue to improve over time.


The future looks promising for the Rowben Consulting team. Following its mastery of internal processes and Bullhorn, Rowben is looking to expand operations further and increase headcount throughout the course of the next year. Part of the company’s hiring strategy includes a graduate hiring program through which new recruits will receive comprehensive Bullhorn training, effectively creating a young and agile team that’s well-versed in adopting the best technology practices. Rowben believes that Bullhorn will continue to be a valuable cog in its operations as the company moves into the future and foresees a long-lasting relationship.

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