Herefish is a recruiting automation platform that reduces recruiting busywork. By automating key activities throughout the recruiting cycle, Herefish customers can focus on driving new growth rather than worrying about repetitive tasks. Herefish enables modern staffing firms to automate communication and processes to produce a high-touch candidate, customer and contractor experience.

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Automate candidate communication...and more

Herefish helps staffing firms automatically engage with their candidates and contacts. In addition to email and text sequences, Herefish can add notes, add tasks and update candidate profiles, automatically and directly in Bullhorn. Herefish can also automate communications throughout the recruiting workflow such as onboarding and re-deploying existing contractors – saving time and driving up the bottom line.

Drive faster submissions and additional placements

Herefish consistently nurtures candidates in your database to drive higher candidate engagement, faster submissions and additional placements. An average Herefish customer sees a reduction in time to submission of 37% and an additional 62% in monthly placements.

Built to work with Bullhorn

Herefish integrates deep into the Bullhorn platform and stays fully in-sync. All candidate activity is synced and viewable in their Bullhorn record, plus Herefish automations can add notes, tasks and notifications to the ATS.

Improve your database quality

Herefish helps improve the quality of your database by automatically and continually engaging with existing and new candidates. By sending relevant jobs and articles plus tracking candidate behavior, Herefish ensures the old problem of a ‘decaying database’ is a thing of the past.


Automate repetitive busywork

Updating records, adding notes, creating tasks, notifying record owners of key changes... these are all things your firm can put on autopilot. Improve productivity and don't let important tasks slip through the cracks by putting robots to work.

Personalized outreach via email and text

Create automated email and text workflows to engage with candidates, clients and contractors throughout the recruiting cycle. Every message is personalized with the contact’s personal details as well as submission, placement and job info and is sent on behalf of a record’s owner. Keep communication human at scale with Herefish.

Close the feedback loop and take action

Capture insights using conversational surveys and uncover issues or opportunities as they arise. Create simple surveys to collect feedback to improve redeployment, candidate quality or to pre-qualify applicants and push that data directly to Bullhorn.

Automation engine for Bullhorn

Herefish is the ultimate companion for Bullhorn thanks to our enterprise-grade integration. Data is seamlessly updated from system-to-system providing your automation team with near real-time triggering of communication and process automation.

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