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Permanent placement and executive search firms have the highest profit margins in recruiting, and with good reason. Being an effective search consultant means truly understanding your client’s business goals, corporate culture, and historical challenges. It means cultivating trusting – not transactional – relationships with the most qualified candidates, and being able to differentiate the right fit from the almost-right fit.

In contingency search, access to more job orders and candidates increases your chances of filling the job and doing so quickly. Retained search firms benefit from pursuing qualified job orders and accessing passive candidates. For any firm offering direct hire services, speed, quantity, and quality all weigh in the equation for bigger profits. Whether working on a contingent or retained basis, firms offering search and placement services can increase their productivity with Bullhorn recruiting software:

  • Account and job order management: Most recruitment CRM systems today are transaction-oriented and do not provide the tools to successfully manage relationships over time. With Bullhorn CRM, every customer touch-point becomes an opportunity to connect and strengthen your existing and future relationships. This connectivity empowers your organization to engage intelligently and consistently with customers, creating lasting relationships. Exec_Icon_V1
  • New business anywhere, anytime: Bullhorn’s mobile recruiting and selling capabilities give salespeople and recruiters access to client, prospect, candidate, and job order information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.
  • Candidate management: With passive activity tracking, recruiters can easily and automatically track email conversations and phone calls with candidates. Industry-best resume parsing and keyword search capabilities mean that recruiters can identify the most qualified candidates for a position quickly and reliably.
  • Social recruiting: With Bullhorn's applicant tracking system you can streamline the entire candidate management process as well as integrate with LinkedIn Recruiter and numerous other job boards.
  • Data and insight: Bullhorn’s CRM and ATS reporting tools provide a holistic view of your sales and recruiting activity metrics, so every decision – from which accounts to target to which candidates are best suited for the job – is backed by benchmark data.


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