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Why Should You Use Bullhorn's Recruiting Database?

Save Time and Maximize Efficiency

  • Streamline daily tasks with faster source, search, and match. 

Improve Candidate Experience

  • Match candidates to the most suitable opportunities for their skill sets.


Better Manage Client Relationships

  • Meet client requests faster and with better candidate matches.

Key Features of Bullhorn's Recruiting Database

Mobile Recruiting

Connect with candidates anytime, on any device. Recruiters are constantly on-the-go. Your recruiting database must be built to keep up with recruiters' fast-paced lives and help them make their job easier.

With mobile access to a recruiting database, recruiters will be armed with up-to-the-second information about candidates, giving them better insight for offsite meetings and interviews.

Bullhorn's recruiter software offers mobile recruiting capabilities that let you view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device.

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recruiting database
recruitment database

LinkedIn Integration

Bullhorn offers a staffing-specific applicant tracking system integration with LinkedIn Recruiter to streamline a recruiter's workflow, reduce clicks, and provide a continuously up-to-date view of candidate information.

From Bullhorn you'll be able to view candidates’ or clients’ LinkedIn records.
From LinkedIn Recruiter you can see if the contact’s record is in Bullhorn, and if so, click to view that record in Bullhorn.

Automatic Data Capture and Parsing Engine

Bullhorn's recruiting database automates the time-consuming tasks that take up valuable hours in your day.

Maximize efficiency, and reduce clicks and errors by leveraging Bullhorn’s parsing engine to extract information – no matter where you find it – to pre-populate fields in Bullhorn candidate, contact, and job records.

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Industry Best Practices for Recruiters

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