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Build your customer base and expand existing accounts with Bullhorn’s customer relationship management (CRM) software. Whether it’s sales or service related, Bullhorn’s cloud-based recruitment CRM software makes it easy to manage all aspects of your staffing and recruiting relationships from anywhere, at any time. With a complete understanding of all client activity and communication, your team will generate and close job orders faster, while exceeding customer expectations and staying ahead of the competition.

Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM enables recruiting professionals to:

  • Quickly create and share new contacts and account activity
  • Effectively collaborate with team members to generate new business
  • Instantly track client communication, notes and tasks
  • Easily add and view candidate data on-the-go with Bullhorn Mobile

The Most Efficient End-to-End Solution

The nature of the staffing industry today requires sales teams to be constantly connected to the business information they need to effectively sell to clients and satisfy the needs of customers.

According to Forrester Research, nearly three-quarters of medium-sized businesses implementing CRM systems typically focus on customer data management as the foundation of their CRM initiatives, followed by sales, marketing and customer service solutions. Given this, it’s no surprise that more and more recruiting firms are looking for fully-integrated systems that provide better data quality and more efficient recruitment processes for their recruitment teams.

From job submission to candidate placement, the integration of Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM and ATS in an all-in-one platform improves data quality and enhances workflow, instead of reinventing the wheel. The ability to access candidate lists, emails, and job orders without having to switch systems or programs goes beyond convenience to translate into real-time savings and dollars.

True Cloud Recruitment CRM

A major plus has been the ability to roll out the SaaS platform across our newly acquired offices in Ireland, Singapore and the US. Previously engineers would have been sent in to adapt the IT systems to suit our business process, but the work has been kept to a minimum, and we now have 185 recruiters using Bullhorn daily.
Tim Jacob Operations Director, ReThink Recruitment

Regardless of firm size, recruiting and staffing companies need to adapt to the elasticity of industry demand. Whether removing users during a downturn, or adding offices during an economic boom, the speed and cost of these changes vary depending on your software solution. Because of Bullhorn’s true cloud structure, recruitment companies can add additional users or offices without hassle or high expense.

The operational importance of cloud based architecture is further underscored in considering the time savings associated with Bullhorn’s self-adopting technology, which eliminates the need for manual updates. This helps users stay up-to-date on account happenings even if they are on the road. Transferability of information across users and devices on a platform that experiences 99.99% uptime translates into users making placements and generating revenue faster than competitors.

In addition to the accessibility and flexibility of true cloud architecture, the security benefits of not having an on-premise or hosted software solution ensures your data is always current and secure.

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