Beyond the ATS: The Recruiting Lifecycle – Webinar Recap

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On Tuesday, September 29, Bullhorn presented a webinar: “Beyond the ATS: Harnessing Technology to Power Your Entire Recruitment Lifecycle,” hosted by Jeff Neumann (Senior Product Manager) and Tom Bennett (Senior Product Marketing Associate). This post will walk you through the solutions that Jeff and Tom covered during the webinar, giving you a clear vision of each stage of the recruiting lifecycle and how Bullhorn’s products can drive value for you and customers like you.

Although many recruiting companies are already leveraging an ATS (applicant tracking system) to optimize their staffing processes, that’s just one part of the overall recruiting lifecycle. Bullhorn offers a full set of capabilities to power the whole process. With strong operations throughout the recruiting lifecycle, you can win more business, expand relationships, and differentiate your company from the competition.

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With Bullhorn CRM (customer relationship management system), the customer experience comes first and foremost. Our software allows you to implement best practices, drive more growth, and improve your sales process efficiency, whether your firm is split- or full-desk. With Bullhorn CRM, leads and opportunities are converted into job orders in just a single place. The entire CRM system is configurable with our dashboard cards, which help you track your business based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you use most often. With the ability to configure dashboard cards to reflect the information that you want, you’ll gain better visibility into your business so that you can manage your pipeline and see where your business is going.


Bullhorn Pulse customer intelligence helps you analyze your customer relationships better with essential information. With Pulse, you can discover which client contact is most responsive to communication, which member of your team has the best relationship with a customer, and when exactly your reps should connect with specific customers. It mines data from your emails using Bullhorn’s patented passive email tracking capability, giving you a real-time view of your customer relationship status and health. Pulse does all this analysis automatically, compiling data from emails, notes, and tasks, saving you the burden of data entry.

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The current process of working with VMS (vendor management systems), while rife with potential profit, is frustratingly manual. It’s slow. It’s error-prone. You name it. But speed is king in the VMS space, so with Bullhorn VMS Access, we’ve removed the need for manual data entry. You no longer have to log in to your VMS, scour for jobs, pick the ones you want, copy and paste them in as job orders in your CRM, call your team, and log back in. We understand that the old way of doing things is needlessly complicated and slow. With Bullhorn VMS Access, the entire process is automated. Jobs are updated constantly and in real-time so that your recruiters are always working with the most up-to-date information. Bullhorn VMS Access helps you to better understand your business opportunities in order to give your company a competitive advantage.

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Onboarding can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Properly submitting paperwork to ensure your candidates’ qualification and compliance is critical to your firm’s success, but too much time is wasted on manual processes. Bullhorn Onboarding can help you differentiate your business with an automatic electronic onboarding service. You can create documents online without a hitch and pre-populate them with candidate and company information from your existing Bullhorn database. Data is automatically integrated into your documents, and your candidates can use a portal that’s designed and branded specifically for your business to complete documents and sign them using electronic signatures.

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Back office work is about as tedious as it gets. However, expense reports, commissions calculation, timesheets, and invoices are all critical parts of your business’s success. With Bullhorn Back Office, your entire recruiting software system is fully integrated, from your applicant tracking system to your back office software. With electronic collection and timesheet approval, in addition to features like flexible invoicing, you can hold your business up to high standards and maintain quality relationships with customers and contractors alike. Best of all, you won’t have to rely on needlessly complicated Excel-based formulas – Bullhorn Back Office uses automatic calculations to save you time and money, resulting in:

  • 75% lower back office costs
  • 65% less time spent processing invoices
  • 30% less time spent chasing timesheets

The Bullhorn Platform

The Bullhorn applicant tracking system is an excellent product, and it powers the core engine of many of the businesses with which we work. But the entire Bullhorn Platform features a complete set of functionalities that can separate your company from the competition. Bullhorn has the best uptime in the industry (99.99%) and uses its cloud-based model to process more than 1 billion transactions every week. As one of the very first Software-as-a-Service platforms to offer enterprise software through the cloud, you can rest assured that your information is safe with Bullhorn’s industry-leading security and protection. With the Bullhorn Platform, you can power every part of your recruiting lifecycle.

Want to learn more? A recording of the webinar is available here: “Beyond the ATS: Harnessing Technology to Power Your Entire Recruitment Lifecycle.” Listen in to go even further in-depth into how the Bullhorn Platform can address each facet of your recruiting needs with its comprehensive set of capabilities.

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