How Recruiting Software Should Drive Your Customer Relationship Management Life Cycle

The customer relationship management life cycle can be a tricky process to navigate. Fortunately for our clients, Bullhorn offers a multitude of robust recruiting solutions to expedite and optimize each stage of the process.

customer relationship management chart

1. Win Clients and New Business – Bullhorn Sales CRM

Bullhorn’s cloud-based CRM enables recruiting agencies to access vital data regarding clients and prospects anytime, anywhere. Additionally, our mobile-powered selling allows sales representatives to use any device to manage relationships and configure data to maximize efficiency. Another crucial facet of Bullhorn’s cloud-based nature is its reduced susceptibility to downtime: cloud-based systems experience 25 times less downtime than hosted or on-premise solutions. Your agency can capitalize on Bullhorn’s 99.99% uptime to deliver quality service to your clients at all times.

2. Get Jobs – Bullhorn VMS Access

Your recruiting agency depends on a steady influx of job orders to fill. With Bullhorn VMS Access, job orders can be received and processed faster through VMS integration into your ATS. VMS Access loads new jobs into your Bullhorn applicant tracking system in just minutes, letting you submit and fill faster than those working without the benefit of smooth VMS integration. Bullhorn VMS Access connects you to over 40 vendor management systems, including Beeline and Fieldglass, and you can take advantage of crucial filtering capabilities to eliminate irrelevant requisition clutter in your ATS.

3. Recruit – Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System

The Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is the core feature of Bullhorn’s recruiting software, displaying the stability, agility, and power that suffuse the entire Bullhorn software lineup. Our ATS is up to 40% faster than comparable systems, due to our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, and as a result can help recruiters make up to 43% more placements than with other systems. The Bullhorn ATS also makes reporting easy, turning recruiting activity data into business insight with reports featuring recruiter performance, placement activity, candidate touches, and more. Bullhorn seamlessly integrates Outlook and Gmail into its ATS, tracks and updates candidate record activity at all times, and even provides ATS integration with LinkedIn for an unparalleled user experience.

4. Onboard – Bullhorn Onboarding

A recruiter’s job doesn’t end with a placement. Recruiting firms are often heavily involved in the onboarding process at a candidate’s new company, and Bullhorn Onboarding is designed to make the process as smooth as possible for both your candidates and clients. Our onboarding software allows your firm to create new hire forms at your discretion and streamline approval processes that might otherwise delay the time between a placement and start. Through Bullhorn Onboarding’s candidate tracking, you can receive notifications regarding outstanding documentation and easily send electronic reminders to candidates to complete paperwork.

5. Track Time & Expense – Bullhorn Back Office

A recruiting agency’s processes aren’t limited to direct interaction with clients and candidates. External functions certainly account for a chunk of the day at a recruiting agency, but a great deal of time is also spent on administrative processes, including time and expense data entry and client approvals. With Bullhorn Back Office, contractors enter their timesheet information online or through a mobile application so you don’t have to. Bullhorn Back Office also automates commission calculations to reduce time needlessly spent crunching numbers and offers a variety of invoicing solutions, including customization and the capacity for multiple simultaneous invoice sends.

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