Five Fascinating Recruiting Facts

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Bullhorn’s 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report is bursting with information that can give your firm a competitive advantage in a continuously growing industry. We’ve gathered five findings from this year’s report that might surprise you and, more importantly, help to inform and improve your company’s processes. With data-driven insights from the Bullhorn Trends Report, your firm can take its performance to the next level.

1. 79% of staffing firms generate 50% or more of their revenue from repeat client business. In fact, temp firms generate an average of 73% of their revenue from repeat clients. Non-executive permanent placement firms, meanwhile, get only 60% of their revenue from repeat client business.

2. Staffing firms drive 23% of their job orders through VMS, but contract firms get by far the most out of vendor management systems, getting 31% of their job orders this way. Temporary firms drive a more pedestrian 24% of their job orders through VMS.

3. Recruiters placing for industrial jobs have the best hit rate (placements divided by candidate submissions) by a healthy margin: 49%. Recruiters for healthcare (42%), finance/insurance (39%), and technology (38%) don’t fare nearly so well, having to submit more candidates in order to make a placement.

4. Large recruiting firms (those with 75+ recruiters and salespeople) rely heavily upon their customer relationship management and applicant tracking systems, with 81% of large firms indicating that they need these systems to work effectively. But smaller firms also need technology to thrive: 80% of firms with 11-25 recruiters and salespeople said they needed an ATS or CRM to do their jobs effectively as well.

5. 77% of recruiters for finance/insurance and 76% of technology recruiters report a significant shortage of skilled candidates in their industries. Recruiters for industrial jobs (69%) and marketing/PR/media/advertising jobs (64%) have a much easier time finding suitable candidates for available roles.

For more valuable statistics and insights into the recruiting landscape, download Revving the Engine: The 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report.

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