Why Bullhorn One?

Bullhorn One is the leading solution to run every aspect of your recruiting business, from intake to payroll. But don't take our word for it—read on to discover why top firms choose Bullhorn One to run a more efficient business.

What is Bullhorn One?

Bullhorn One is the leading solution to power your staffing business from candidate onboarding to payroll, and everything in between. Let's break down exactly what that means:


Reporting & Visibility

Run a better business and stay ahead of the curve by leveraging margin, activity, and financial data to inform your decisions


Sales & Recruiting

Drive corporate growth and expansion through optimized workflows driving effective sales and recruiting activities



Capture, approve, and interpret time from all sources accurately and easily, with robust and flexible timekeeping



Improve cash flow and consistently meet client billing requirements with a powerful invoicing engine to streamline invoice creation



Maintain accuracy while minimizing payroll processing time by automating complex payroll operations

With Bullhorn One, information flows automatically from each of these stages to the next, saving your team hours upon hours of manual work:

How Are Top Firms Benefiting from Bullhorn One?


No matter the size, sector, or vertical, staffing firms finally have a solution to unite the front and back office. Take a look at the results our customers are seeing:


Efficiency Gains Across the Board for eHire

eHire, a firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in IT, sales, and marketing, created a single source of truth for all candidate, job, placement, opportunity, timesheet, and invoice data with Bullhorn One.


Increase in efficiency when working invoices
Invoicing used to take four hours for the team to complete, it now takes one.


Increase in efficiency when processing payroll
With Bullhorn One, payroll decreased from a two-hour process to a mere 15 minutes.

Now that we have Bullhorn One, it’s not just our candidate and client data; it’s our financial data and our livelihood that’s now in there, so I think that speaks volumes to the level of trust.

Laura Arnold
Director of People Operations, eHire


Arch Staffing and Consulting Saves 90 Hours Per Week

Arch Staffing & Consulting, a firm located in Miami, FL that specializes in a variety of industries including IT and Light Industrial was able to scale operations to match its growth trajectory with Bullhorn One.

Hours Saved Per Week

On manual data entry
In the past, it used to take one person 32 hours per week to manually enter data from the onboarding system to the payroll system. With the rate the company has scaled, they would need at least three more people to help. Now, all this data flows through automatically.

Now that we have Bullhorn One, we can scale without hiring more people to complete data entry. It's absolutely critical to our growth plans over the next few years.
roy green 2

Roy Green
President of North America, Arch Staffing & Consulting

Why Bullhorn One? Why Now?


Making this move is a big undertaking, but one with significant upside. Here are a few of the reasons firms are making the move, especially now.

Navigate Through the Downturn

It’s more important than ever to know exactly what’s happening in your business. The top priorities for firms amidst the pandemic and the recession are to improve client relationships and manage cash flow. Our conversations with hundreds of staffing companies reveal these common challenges.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Incorrect invoices that disrupt cash flow
  • Manual errors that hurt customer and candidate confidence
  • Time-consuming back-and-forth adjustments at the end of every month
  • A lack of transparency into key financial performance


Navigate through the downturn with Bullhorn One:


Avoid end-of-month mistakes

Eliminate the need to true-up at the end of the month


Track financial health before it's too late

Regularly pull reports on business health and cash flow


Provide an error-free candidate & client experience

Streamline payroll and invoicing for a great stakeholder experience

All-Access, All The Time

Technology built in the cloud means every team member is accessing the same data, at the same time, from anywhere.


Transparency Throughout the Recruiting Cycle
Cloud-based technology ensures all of your teams can access your information from anywhere in the world at any point in the recruiting life cycle—all in real time. Many solutions offer a cloud-based front office or back office, but Bullhorn One brings you this data accessibility for every stage and task.


Data Accessibility for the World of Remote Work
Even when your employees are not sitting next to each other in the office, they can still work together to fill jobs, build client relationships, process time for pay/bill, and more. A centralized platform means no information is lost while the entire team is working from home or any other location.

Automation Ready

Innovative firms know that automating aspects of their recruiting business is the best way to cut down on manual tasks and provide better experiences for both candidates and clients. Bullhorn One is the only end-to-end recruitment solution that integrates seamlessly with the leading automation platform, Herefish by Bullhorn. With automation, you can improve:



Reduce busywork by automating repetitive, often-forgotten tasks and ensure the right things are happening at the right time


Data Health

Improve the accuracy of your data by identifying inaccurate or incomplete records and automating the cleanup process



Engage with candidates, clients and contractors throughout the recruiting process and never let communication slip through the cracks


With Automation, Your Firm Can Get More Done

We analyzed data from Bullhorn customers using automation and those that did not. The results? Automation helps firms create more competitive distance in job adds, submissions and placements vs. those firms that haven't automated processes and communications.

Job Adds



Bullhorn Bullhorn + Herefish

How Do We Help You Succeed?


We're with you every step of the way. Adopting a new technology can be daunting. But with an incredible customer experience, it doesn’t have to be. With a dedicated core project team and a full-coverage support staff, we’ve got you covered. From implementation through go-live, we guarantee your project will get the attention it needs, giving you confidence every step of the way.


Ensuring project success. Strict internal guidelines, including success checks, verify that implementation is progressing and your team is on-track for a successful go-live. A specialized group will be assigned to your project, confirming correct measures on the best path forward, with monthly meetings giving you visibility at every stage.


Our highly experienced team uses the following success checks for a seamless implementation:


Understand and agree on requirements
Establish a clear understanding of customer requirements to ensure implementation satisfaction. Finalize an SOW that meets customer expectations in terms of scope, deadline and budget.


Kick off the project & establish a timeline
Initiate a kickoff conversation between the client and the core project team. Use this time to agree upon the timeline and goals for each stage of the process, making sure all stakeholders are aligned.


Develop a solution design
Design an implementation process and data mapping strategy that supports the client's workflow while leveraging Bullhorn's expertise and best practices.


Conduct testing & review results 
Perform parallel and user acceptance testing to confirm successful migration of data and generation of requirements. Resolve any outstanding issues and address any potential challenges the customer might have prior to the upcoming go-live.


Go live with Bullhorn One
Once the customer chooses to move forward with the go-live, create a plan to sunset the legacy program, complete Bullhorn training on and schedule the go-live.


Transition to support
Introduce the dedicated support representative to facilitate customer satisfaction beyond the go-live.


Here when you need it. 24.7. Our core purpose is creating an incredible customer experience. After you are set up with Bullhorn One, you can rest assured that we will be available to give you the answers you need, when you need them. With support like ours, it’s no wonder Bullhorn was recognized as a 2019 Best in Class Contact Center by the CCW Excellence Awards.


300+ support staff responding in <60 seconds to resolve 97% of tickets with 95% customer satisfaction


Full business hours coverage and an emergency weekend hotline

Ready to make the move?

As you can see, Bullhorn One is helping our clients save time, improve reporting, increase transparency and much more. If you're in need of an end-to-end solution to master every aspect of the recruiting cycle, let's have a conversation.