Founded in 2009, eHire is a staffing and recruiting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in IT, sales and marketing recruiting, as well as talent acquisition and technology consulting. Already a Bullhorn customer, eHire was an early adopter of Bullhorn One—start to finish technology that unifies business processes from across the entire recruiting lifecycle into a single, streamlined workflow.

The Challenge

eHire wanted an integrated solution that their account managers could leverage to see how they were affecting the business financially and for management to use in order to hold individuals accountable for their performance. According to Amanda Morse, Director of Enablement at eHire, data visibility was one of the primary reasons that eHire looked into Bullhorn One—reports for the account management team were being pulled manually, could take several weeks to pull, and weren’t necessarily all-inclusive. eHire wanted a solution that would provide a real-time look into working hours, commissions, and other gross margin metrics from a single source of truth. This critical information would help the eHire team focus their time on the most profitable jobs so that they could increase gross margin and overall profitability.

The Solution

eHire was an early adopter of Bullhorn One as their start to finish solution, creating a single source of truth for all candidate, job, placement, opportunity, timesheet, and invoice data. Reporting driven by Bullhorn One not only provides insight into the profitability and operational performance of their organization, but it enables eHire to run payroll through Inova, uniting all parts of the recruiting lifecycle.

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eHire also leverages Bullhorn’s robust ecosystem of integrations through marketplace partners cube19, Volcanic, DiscoverOrg, and LinkedIn in order to fully customize and automate their solution. “We love our marketplace partners, it’s always been something that’s important to us. When we decided a couple of years ago that Bullhorn was going to be our end-all-be-all, automation within these other tools became our number one priority,” said Amanda Morse, Director of Enablement at eHire. “It made our decision to go with Bullhorn One and Pay & Bill easy, knowing that integration and automation was our north star.”

Now that we have Bullhorn One, it’s not just our candidate and client data; it’s our financial data and our livelihood that’s now in there, so I think that speaks volumes to the level of trust.
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Laura Arnold Director of People Operations, eHire

The Benefits

Unprecedented Transparency and Insight

For eHire, the most beneficial piece of moving to Bullhorn One has been the ability to inform management decisions with the critical information gleaned from Bullhorn as a single source of truth—everything from sales through gross margin.

“Having our account managers and recruiters on the floor be able to see how many hours their consultants were working real-time without having to knock on somebody’s office door was really huge,” said Amanda. “And then we can build reports based on that—a live look into the hours people are working.”



The front office data covers more than just Pay & Bill, Amanda explained; “We can see the time difference between an internal submission and a client submission. We can make sure that recruiters see if Account Managers haven’t moved candidates over. It’s more than just Pay & Bill, it’s everybody being able to see any part of the process. Everyone has access and there’s accountability across the board.”

According to Geoff Gillon, Controller at eHire, these insights not only create a management tool that allows managers to address performance with their teams but also allows recruiters to track their own goals and set clear expectations from the ground. “It helps hold people accountable,” said Geoff.

Amanda added, “One of our Account Managers actually came up to me and hugged me for a gross margin report because he could see how many hours his team was working and where to focus his time as a result. He could set up his whole week based on where he was making money.”


Accurate and Compliant Financial Reporting

With this financial reporting, Account Managers can genuinely understand how they can impact the company’s bottom line, and this system now provides much greater context and accountability across the board.

According to Geoff, before Bullhorn One, the finance team had to depend on the Account Manager to put in the correct billing profile. “Now, there’s a control in place so that the Account Manager has to put in someone from the client’s accounting team, who our team can then hold accountable for getting us paid,” Geoff said. “We can keep [the Account Manager] relationships separate, develop our own relationships with the client’s accounting department, and make everyone’s life easier. That’s one of the biggest benefits of Bullhorn One.”


Ease of Use and Efficiency

Between recruiting on-the-go using Bullhorn Mobile or the accessibility of marketplace partners through Bullhorn, the eHire team expressed how easy the Bullhorn platform is for their team to use—particularly new hires. “The interface is great,” Amanda said. “It makes sense to people, especially when I train new hires.” When it comes specifically to Pay & Bill, the solution saved the team time and redundant behaviors. While invoicing used to take four hours for the team to complete, it now takes one—a 75% improvement in efficiency. Similarly, payroll decreased from a two-hour process to a mere 15 minutes.

Further, the automation and ease-of-use of Bullhorn One keeps the eHire sales team on track; “Salespeople naturally don’t want to put information into the system,” said Amanda. “Whether it’s an accurate job description, a client visit, the correct pay rate, or the correct invoicing person—all of that is hard to do. The simpler we can make it, the more accurate all that information is.”


The eHire and Bullhorn Partnership

With Bullhorn One, eHire has gained unprecedented insight into how their business is performing, empowering roles across the agency. Bullhorn has continued to deliver on its promise of innovation, seeking feedback and input from customers. “If there is an issue, it’s easy enough to get in touch with somebody to request a change,” Amanda said. “I noticed that at Engage, I could walk up to the Product Team [in the Connect room] and make requests or discuss the product roadmap. There’s the ability to provide feedback.”

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