IDR is constantly looking for ways to innovate and grow their business. This is proven by their recent venture of expanding their business into the healthcare industry. But, with change and growth comes the need to have a single source of truth for all of their candidate data. For visibility into data across their businesses and the ability to automate recruiter tasks, they rely on their partnership with Bullhorn.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Brandon Rogers, Chief Operating Officer at IDR Healthcare, and Will Hayes, Chief Operating Officer at IDR, earlier this year. We discussed the launch of IDR Healthcare and the organization’s transition to Bullhorn One.

Bullhorn runs every aspect of our healthcare organization literally from end to end, from the candidate application and submission process to job order management, compliance credentialing, time keeping, and billing. Bullhorn is the central hub that connects all our systems, internally and externally.
Brandon Rogers COO, IDR Healthcare
Since our team started using Bullhorn One, everyone has appreciated the automation. The visibility they have inside of the Bullhorn One core system, as well as the payable and billable charge features that we have in place, are a game changer.
Will Hayes COO, IDR

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