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For the past 20 years, Bullhorn has helped new business owners build staffing companies from the ground up.


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Technology Built for You

Managing the entire recruitment process can be complex, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard.  Our technology is tailored to make small businesses successful.

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Ease of Use

Our ATS/CRM is intuitive, user-friendly, and looks the part as a modern technology built for today's world.

Best Practices

Our industry leadership and experience with customers results in best-practice recruiting workflows and functionalities.


Whether you're traveling, commuting, or grabbing a coffee, you have the power of Bullhorn in the palm of your hand.

Power Your Business from Start to Finish with Bullhorn Growth Edition

Need to power your entire business, beyond the front end? Bullhorn Growth Edition unifies processes from across your complete recruiting lifecycle into a single, streamlined workflow. With Bullhorn Growth Edition, you can accomplish each of the following in one all-in-one solution:

Recruiting and Sales

Unify your firm's sales and recruiting teams on one, streamlined ATS/CRM that improves efficiency and provides you with a single source of truth. Easily search for candidates, parse resumes, integrate sales activity to help close deals, and much more.

Candidate Onboarding

Our onboarding solution eliminates manual data entry and paper documents while providing a great candidate experience. Recruiters can seamlessly manage the onboarding process, while candidates can access your customized portal to easily manage their documents electronically and on-the-go.

Time Collection and Invoicing

Operationalize the tedious time collection and invoicing processes by managing it on a single platform. Bullhorn's Pay & Bill solutions simplify the creation and delivery of invoices, streamline the collection and approval and timesheets, and ultimately give you deeper insight into your firm's profitability. 

Unmatched Productivity


As a small business, the technology you use should make it easier for you to perform common business development and recruiting activities, not overcomplicate the process.  

Bullhorn's tools supercharge your individual and team efforts, allowing you to take advantage of the same features that large enterprise companies have, in a simple, easy-to-use setup intended for small businesses.

Focused on Small Businesses

We work with more small recruiting teams than any other software provider, and their feedback shapes our products and services. We empower you to deliver incredible client and candidate experiences to grow your brand, while increasing the value of your business with detailed notes, files, and details.


“Bullhorn has allowed us to ramp our business twice as fast. I know that Bullhorn works and all of our data is safely stored. I don’t have to worry about it. I’m free to focus on more important things like growing my business."

-Jason Kennedy, Loop Recruiting


More than Just Great Software

Partnering with Bullhorn is more than just getting access to our technology.  Our relationship with you doesn't end when you purchase - that's where it begins.  We've got over 200 full-time employees dedicated to services and support across the globe - all with the same goal of ensuring YOU are successful with our solution.


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