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Successful organizations build their people, processes, and technology around talent experience. But success looks different for everyone. This infographic will make you more successful by helping to define and optimize the Moments and Metrics That Matter to your organization.

Talent Lifecycle

Clearly defined stages and roles across the entire employee journey. Examples include talent lead, applicant, candidate, and employee. Knowing and understanding the unique attributes for each can help you to identify potential improvements in process, communications, or technology.

Moments That Matter

Key touch points throughout the talent lifecycle that impact overall experience. Examples include job search and application, intake and qualification, and onboarding tasks. When these moments are delivered well, you’ll remain top-of-mind without being overwhelming.

Metrics that Matter

Key data points along the talent lifecycle that measure the performance of your talent lifecycle and demonstrate how well your business is doing in the Moments That Matter. Examples include lead to applicant conversion %, submission to placement rate, and database utilization rate. Leveraging these metrics will help you to stay agile and increase profitability.

What success looks like

+ 1 %

Increase in data utilization

+ 1 %

Increase in engagement open rates

- 1 %

Reduction in candidate acquisition costs

By identifying their Metrics that Matter, TalentLaunch was able to optimize their Moments That Matter and increase database utilization and employee and candidate engagement, and reduce their overall candidate acquisition cost between 2021 and 2022.

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Staffing firms are leveraging Connected Recruiting to source candidates in new places, match their candidates with better opportunities, and make their recruiters more effective.

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