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Connected Recruiting supported NTIATIVE’s rapid growth

We had the opportunity to chat with Adriano Corso, Head of Marketing at NTIATIVE, to dive into his team’s advanced automations and the Connected Recruiting strategies that have proven successful.

Read on to learn more about how NTIATIVE:

  • Uses Facebook forms to generate candidate leads 
  • Automates many manual tasks that allow the team to engage talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle
  • Accelerates business growth through technology and best practices, scaling their team from eight to 40

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We’re investing a lot in the ‘Attract’ phase of Connected Recruiting, because I believe that we can source more of our candidates from different sources. For example, there’s a huge potential in Facebook and YouTube. We don’t want to be fishing from the same pond as everyone else. Incorporating automations while sourcing from unique places can help us differentiate ourselves.
Adriano Corso Head of Marketing at NTIATIVE

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Connected Recruiting allows Ethan Allen to match candidates with relevant job reqs

Since implementing Bullhorn Automation ten months ago, Ethan Allen has generated automations that impact each phase of the talent lifecycle to align with Bullhorn’s Connected Recruiting strategy.

Read on to learn more about how Ethan Allen:

  • Utilizes Connected Recruiting best practices and automation to focus on providing the best candidate experience.
  • Has launched AI Job and Auto Matching to make sure candidates are only notified of the jobs that they’re a strong fit for.

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We are setting up AI Job and Auto Matching so there will be even less manual work for us to do. Instead of setting up individual automations that alert candidates of jobs they might be a match for, the system will trigger the automations for us. I think it will be even more of a time saver for our recruiters.
Elizabeth Domenico President of Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions

Connected Recruiting amplifies Ascent’s relationship and effectiveness with candidates

We spoke with Shayne Simpson, Managing Director at Ascent International Group, about the impact that Bullhorn Automation has had on the quality of their relationships and their productivity.

Read on to learn more about how Ascent:

  • Secures 85% of their placements from their existing database.
  • Leverages automated actions to increase placement rate and reduce time to fill
  • Saves 15 hours of consultant time per week

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Automation was exactly what our group needed. It gave us a way to do more with less while nurturing personal connections, which is what sets us apart from larger firms.
Shayne Simpson Managing Director at Ascent International Group

Tips from the experts

All four of the different Connected Recruiting automation areas are very useful in terms of helping us reach out to targeted groups of candidates, engage with candidates, and receive feedback. Overall, we appreciate that Bullhorn Automation organizes our data and communications to candidates in a very clear and easy way, so we don’t have to track things manually. This has increased our team’s productivity.
Clayton Simons COO, Norwood
We’re trying to make marketing a crucial part of the recruitment industry. We think out of the box with automation integration, and there's more to come.
Adriano Corso Head of Marketing at NTIATIVE
We’ve learned that the majority of the people you’ll work with are already in your database. So, we want to utilize automation to make sure that those candidates are notified of the jobs that they’re a fit for. Because of this, semantic matching will be huge for us.
Kelsey Anderson Director of Employee Experience at Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions
From my standpoint, the biggest benefit of Bullhorn Automation is that it just makes work easier. Ultimately, it makes life easier. I can trust that the automations are running.
Elizabeth Domenico President of Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions
The GDPR campaign helped us get our house clean while making our legal and operations happy. Now that we have engaged with the candidates and determined the segments, the next step is to nurture those segments. However, just the fact that we can segment people and send emails in a nice format is a good win.
Adriano Corso Head of Marketing at NTIATIVE
The onboarding automations have made the biggest impact on my team because I don’t need to manually go through everyone’s file to see where their progress is. The system just does it, and it’s one less audit that I have to manually do. It frees up time for my customer service team to focus on what actually needs to be done instead of doing follow up calls.
Kelsey Anderson Director of Employee Experience at Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions