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Perfecting workforce technologies is not your job. It’s ours.

Bullhorn Peoplenet delivers cloud-based time and attendance solutions built for managing today’s workforce. Whether you are a staffing company, buyer of staffing services, or looking to gain better visibility into your total workforce, Bullhorn Peoplenet is here to help.

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Why Bullhorn Peoplenet

We know workforce technology. With more than 350 leading staffing agencies and companies as our clients, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve all your time management needs. Why do so many companies trust Bullhorn Peoplenet? Because you won’t find another workforce management technology company that works harder for you.


Your most valuable asset and our passion. Our solutions will help you capture and approve time with ease.


Managing your workers’ attendance in our application gives you the opportunity to reward and encourage good performance.


Our Expense tools are designed to make it simple and fast to enter, approve and manage expenses, all within a single interface.


Bullhorn Peoplenet offers flexible scheduling options to fit a range of work environments. We make it easy for you to manage your workforce.


Our time management console gives you a real-time view into your workforce and allows you to make informed decisions.


All of our solutions can be integrated easily with your current technology platforms, allowing you to pay your workers and bill your clients with ease.

Peoplenet Solutions That Work For You

Everything you need to manage your workforce with a solution configured to fit your business


Every business has unique needs…that also applies to capturing and managing time.

For companies that require time clocks, Bullhorn Peoplenet offers a variety of options to fit any requirement or budget – from traditional clocks to our new Mobile Clock solutions. Our time clocks are designed to fit the needs of the staffing industry and their clients. Easy to buy or rent, mount and connect, Bullhorn Peoplenet time clocks make time capture easy for you, too.

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time clocks

Solutions to save you and them time? Fast, easy time capture from anywhere.

Mobile time clock puts the accuracy, efficiency and compliance of a traditional time clock into the pocket of today’s workforce. Mobile Clock is the perfect solution for today’s mobile workforce. Mobile Clock is changing the way time is tracked with multiple location tracking options including Geo-Fencing and GPS tracking to meet the needs of any client environment, type of job or preference.

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mobile punch

Easy, low-cost, paperless time capture

Web and Mobile Time Entry is a responsive mobile-enabled website allowing employees to access their online time sheet via their desktop, tablet or mobile device. By providing access via any device, you can rest assured that time is captured accurately and quickly in any environment.

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Simplified scheduling, designed for staffing agencies

Scheduling is never an easy task, and it can be even more complicated for staffing agencies. In an industry where your client’s time needs are defined by a high turnover and constant movement, you need a scheduling tool that can help your business plan workforce demands more efficiently. That’s where Bullhorn Peoplenet can help. We offer two scheduling options to fit any environment or situation, making it easy for you to manage a moving target.

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To manage your workforce effectively, you need three things:

  • 1. Complete access to the data you need to make decisions
  • 2. The ability to access it quickly and easily
  • 3. The power to act on it

Bullhorn Peoplenet’s Workforce Management Console gives you full visibility into critical workflow in real time, enabling you to monitor and manage timekeeping processes from capture to approval and everything in between. The Console lets you spot exceptions quickly and take action, so your employees get paid and your clients are billed accurately and on time. Your users get customized access: only the information they need, with full visibility down to the most detailed level. The Console also provides comprehensive reports that can be run on demand or scheduled to run automatically.

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Data Exchange for Today’s Working World

We have created a system to better connect you with Vendor Management Systems (VMS). Bullhorn Peoplenet Exchange can connect any VMS to our database, so that importing and exporting time and information between the VMS system and yours becomes a quicker and simpler task.

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Quickly Approve Time

Email approval is a quick, easy and paperless way to approve time through your laptop or mobile device. At the end of the pay period your clients will receive an email with the approval screen just one click away. No ID, no password, no excuses.

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client approval

Seamless Integrations


As the world of work has evolved so has the technology that enables it. An integral part of solving the equation is building strong partnerships with technology companies to ensure that you, the customer, receive the best experience within your unique and chosen technology environment. Peoplenet partners and integrates with many of the top staffing software companies in the world. Find yours below.

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