Eliminate Manual Steps

Processing VMS time is challenging and time consuming, and our VMS Time solution eliminates all the manual steps. It automates the retrieval of data out of the VMS, the matching of people and assignments with your front office, the flow back to payroll, and much more.

Work While You Sleep

Once everything has been set up for an account, Bullhorn’s VMS Time solution does the work while you are sleeping. We retrieve the files, process all the clean data, and identify any exceptions that need attention. And when you get to the office, you only have to review the exceptions flagged instead of weeding through a ton of information.

All Of Your Time In One Place

360 degree visibility is key. Get a view of all timesheets across your whole business, and proactively reconcile rates and overtime. Cash reconciliation can be a big challenge, so we bring this data to light on a weekly basis so there’s an opportunity to fix it prior to payment.


Fully automate the flow of timesheet data from any VMS platform to a single time and expense system for processing

For companies that want to connect to a VMS (Vendor Management System), Bullhorn’s VMS Time solution enables you with a system to better capture time from VMS platforms. You can connect any VMS to our database, so that importing and exporting time and information between the VMS and yours becomes a quicker and simpler task.

VMS Time in a Nutshell

Integrates with any VMS or third party timekeeping system

Full automation with golden record matching

Daily file processing to identify and reconcile exceptions before it’s an issue

Reduce credit/debit memos with proactive rate and overtime reconciliation

Absolutely zero IT resources required for set up

Eliminate dual time entry

Capture time from any VMS platform