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Capturing time accurately and efficiently is the first step in workforce management, and that first step starts here.


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Time Well Managed


Time clock solutions are easy to install and use, with an intuitive interface and multilingual capabilities.


Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Always stay connected and never lose a minute.

Mobile Punch

Clock IN and OUT with a range of compatible Android and iOS devices.


Multiple time clock options ensure compliance no matter the work environment.

Seamless Integration

Tempo integrates with any system, and of course with all other Bullhorn Time & Expense solutions.

Near Real Time Visibility

Constant visibility into attendance and punches for both admins through the management console or text/email for candidates.

Touchless Capabilities - Touchless/"touch-light" functionality with QR Code and Facial Recognition offers safer options for workers.

Tempo Technology

Tempo PN-2000 is a commercial-grade product that was built specifically for the “always on” business. Integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi ensure you will have constant connectivity. You will enjoy years of reliable service due to a more rugged exterior and an enterprise operating system that is configured to meet your specific time capture needs. 

The clock is multilingual for English, Spanish, and French and includes written and voice prompts to help new users. Pin entry, facial recognition, fingerprint, and QR code timeclock models are available, offering safer, touchless/’touch-light’ options for workers, while effectively eliminating “buddy punching” and reallocate resources currently invested in monitoring time theft.

Simple, Fast & Powerful

We know speed is important. It only takes 2-3 seconds per employee to clock in and verify daily or weekly hours during the punch sequence. Keep employees out of the payroll office with on-demand texting or emailing of timecards, plus mobile punch capabilities with the Bullhorn Mobile Punch app.

It’s About Time

Tempo PN-2000 goes above and beyond. Most electronic time clocks simply collect punches and transmit for remote processing. Point of contact processing like employee confirmation pages and a constant view of daily and weekly hours drive accuracy and compliance.

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