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7 Questions to Evaluate Software-as-a-Service

“Back in the desktop software era, magazines ran software reviews in which the side-by-side comparisons of features took up an entire page. Buyers used these reviews to shortlist vendors, trying to anticipate which features they’d need over the next five… Read More

10,000 Hours = 50,000 cold calls

I just got back from a short vacation. My wife and I went to Puerto Rico for 4 nights – without the kids. It was awesome. And, now I have a bad case of the post vacation blues. While sitting… Read More

Don’t Quit! Part 3 of 3

It might be time to cross the imaginary line between Recruiter and Business Development Managers. The tables have turned rather abruptly. Recruiters can help to increase the number of good job orders. They have strong relationships with people that have… Read More

Most Popular Feature Requests from Bullhorn Live

I’ve been back from Bullhorn Live for a few days now, but I’m still working through all of the great information I received from customers. Thanks to all of the people that shared your thoughts with me during the conference.… Read More

Your Voice Counts at Bullhorn

WOW is the first word that comes to mind. For those of you that are not in Las Vegas, I am truly sorry that you were not able to attend. We had an incredible opener with Barry and Art reviewing… Read More

All We Have to do is Listen

The crisp sunshine of Las Vegas and the mild daytime temperatures make me wonder why I live in Boston. My wife is dealing with ice dams while I take a break between sessions to soak up the desert sun. The… Read More

What I’m Learning at Bullhorn Live 2009

As a relatively new member of the Bullhorn team, I’ve been really looking forward to Bullhorn Live. It’s a great time to meet a ton of users face to face and to hear more about what they like about Bullhorn,… Read More

First Day of Bullhorn Live!

The first night of Bullhorn Live 2009 started off with a blast.  At the welcome reception Art and Barry thanked all the customers who helped them achieve the 10 year anniversary milestone.  They pointed out that the sessions at Bullhorn… Read More