Art Papas – The Advantages of a Millennial Mindset


In my most recent blog post, “Managing a Millennial Sales Team,” I addressed the conventional wisdom regarding the management of Millennials. As I noted, the recommended strategies for dealing with members of the younger working generation aren’t significantly different from the strategies you might use to manage any other group of people. Art Papas discussed this idea earlier in the week in a commentary for Fortune titled “How Tech-Savvy Millennials Humanize Your Workplace.” In fact, as the article’s title implies, Papas believes that the benefits of employing Millennials far outweigh the risks of any supposed drawbacks.

Papas describes the Millennial mindset as a continuous effort to make processes “easier, faster, more flexible and efficient.” Some inflexible people might shy from the idea of using technology in virtually every facet of their daily work lives. But as Papas points out, technology is only getting better and better as we move forward:

“Most importantly, the Millennial mindset has given rise to human-centered technologies that are transforming the way humans of all ages live and work. Unlike the technology that was born in the 1990s and earliest days of the 21st century, we are now seeing the emergence of technology that adapts to humans, rather than forcing humans to adapt to it. Think smart thermostats that allow you to save energy by monitoring your house’s heating and cooling from your phone; online music platforms that know which song you want to hear based on prior listening; client relations management systems that know what your clients want before they do.”

Though there has been a general growing concern that technology is taking over our lives and reducing our collective humanity, Papas explains that “at its best, technology should make us more human” and allow us to “work more efficiently, collaboratively, and creatively.” With a Millennial mindset instilled in the workplace, technology can prove to be a great advantage for your business.

To read more of Art’s commentary, head over to Fortune to read “How Tech-Savvy Millennials Humanize Your Workplace.”


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