Bullhorn’s AI solution, Copilot, is now available

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At Engage Boston 2023, we introduced the concept of leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the recruitment process for things like drafting messages and pitching candidates. In the following months, we worked with a small group of early adopters to continue developing our suite of AI capabilities, Bullhorn Copilot, to ensure it was purpose-built for staffing.

And today, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Copilot Starter, our first set of generative AI capabilities embedded directly in the Bullhorn ATS/CRM.

This is just the beginning. We’re developing Copilot across three core categories of AI – Generative, Source and match, and Directive:

  • Generative AI will help recruiters write content and messages more efficiently and effectively.
  • Source and match AI will help recruiters and sales teams find the best candidates and successfully match them to the right jobs.
  • Directive AI will help staffing professionals identify the most appropriate next step in their work, informed by past successful outcomes.

Our goal is to provide the most complete AI solution within the staffing industry and put AI in the hands of recruiters exactly where and when they need it.

Our latest GRID Industry Trends survey revealed that 55% of firms began experimenting with AI in 2023 and those firms experimenting with AI were 31% more likely to see revenue gains than firms that have not begun experimenting with AI. There’s truly never been a better time to leverage the power of AI, and we’re excited to bring that power right into our ATS.

Wondering what this means for you as a Bullhorn customer? Read on for a breakdown of this new functionality, how to get started, and our future plans for AI.

What is Copilot Starter?

Bullhorn Copilot will span the entire Bullhorn platform, with AI-driven capabilities embedded directly into recruiters’ workflows. 

Copilot Starter, the first set of these new capabilities, embeds generative AI functionality directly into the Bullhorn ATS. It allows recruiters to draft candidate communications more efficiently by using information they have already entered into the system instead of starting from scratch or building their own AI prompts in an external application. 

Copilot Starter uses generative AI to help recruiters with the following tasks:

  • Creating pre-screening questions
  • Drafting rejection messages
  • Pitching a candidate for a job
  • Updating a candidate’s resume
  • Summarizing a candidate’s profile
  • Creating a client pitch
  • Improving a message 

Copilot will support integrations with multiple AI providers, allowing staffing firms to evaluate and choose the LLM provider that best suits their business needs. 

Bullhorn Copilot will unlock new levels of quality and productivity, allowing junior recruiters to operate at the level of seasoned professionals and enabling experienced recruiters to work faster and with greater accuracy.

How can I get Copilot Starter?

Copilot Starter is available to Bullhorn customers who have Bullhorn Enterprise Edition ATS/CRM (or a bundle that includes our Enterprise Edition ATS/CRM). 

To get started, please contact your Account Manager or complete this form.

If you are on Bullhorn Corporate Edition or use a different Bullhorn product, please contact your Account Manager regarding your eligibility.

What else do I need to do to be successful with Copilot Starter?

Staffing firms that wish to use Copilot will need to select a large language model (LLM) to power Copilot. Copilot supports either Azure GPT or Open AI, so firms will need to choose which option works best for their team.

And before you launch Copilot Starter in your organization, we encourage you to take stock of your data quality. Since Copilot Starter generates outputs based on data in the ATS/CRM, the relevance of that output will be impacted by the quality of the data on the record. This is a great opportunity to leverage Automation if you’re not already doing so.

What resources are available to ensure I get the most value from Copilot?

We want our customers to get the most value from Copilot and the rest of the Bullhorn suite. Below are resources to help you understand Bullhorn’s approach to AI, prepare your team and organization, and successfully utilize this exciting new functionality.

Understanding Bullhorn’s approach to AI

It’s crucial for staffing professionals to understand the unique applications of AI recruiting tools and how they can optimize recruiters’ interactions with candidates, clients, and colleagues. 

We have a collection of blog posts that discuss AI in staffing, how staffing firms are already leveraging this technology, and what the future might hold for AI.

Also, check out our newsletter series on LinkedIn to learn more about how Bullhorn is approaching AI and the most valuable use cases for your staffing firm.

  1. 3 things to know about AI now to prepare for future success: A breakdown of the current AI landscape and how Bullhorn went about applying AI to staffing use cases
  2. How AI is transforming the sourcing process: A deep dive into how to use AI for sourcing and what Bullhorn’s acquisition of SourceBreaker means for the future of our AI capabilities
  3. Start small, win big: Staffing and AI in 2024: A recap of a recent conversation with two Copilot early adopters, IDR & Allen Recruitment, on how they’re leveraging AI and the benefits they’re already seeing

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Preparing your business for AI

To fully reap the benefits of AI, businesses need to do more than give their teams access to it and hope for the best. Instead, staffing firms must prepare their systems, teams, and strategies to ensure strong adoption of AI and lasting success. 

We’ve got you covered. We compiled a comprehensive guide to preparing your business for AI, starting with cleaning your data, leveraging automation, and solidifying your security strategy. 

Learning how to use Copilot Starter

The Bullhorn Training team has put together materials to help Copilot users learn more about the functionality and start extracting value right away. These materials are also useful for training the rest of your team on Copilot Starter. 

Log into the Bullhorn Learning Hub today for more on how Bullhorn is approaching AI in the staffing industry and how to get started with Copilot Starter.

What’s next for Copilot?

As we mentioned, this is only the beginning for Copilot. In the months and years to come, we’ll be further developing our generative AI capabilities, building out our source and match AI offering, and adding directive AI functionality into our product suite.

In the meantime, if you are a Copilot user, we encourage you to share your feedback and AI suggestions with our team so we can ensure our solutions continue to be the right fit for staffing.


Learn more about Copilot and Bullhorn’s approach to AI.

Bullhorn’s AI solution, Copilot, is now available

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