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The Novo Experience, designed specifically for staffing professionals, fully unlocks the power of the Bullhorn platform to help users maximize their productivity and effectiveness, by incorporating industry-leading personalization, automation, and artificial intelligence.



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An Entirely New Way To Interact With The Bullhorn Platform


Unparalleled Personalization

Staffing professionals want to work in the way they are most comfortable and with the information that is most important to them. Users now can configure their workspace to adapt to their needs - regardless of role, geography, language, or device – maximizing their productivity and effectiveness.

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Natively Designed For Staffing

Improved Note Taking

Recruiters can now view resumes in full screen mode while also being able to enter in notes. Note taking supports social software constructs such as “@” to reference people and “#” to reference jobs.

Note Taking2

Full Internationalization Support

The Bullhorn platform is now fully globalized, supporting a localized user interface as well as the ability to parse and store content in multiple languages.

User-controlled Menus

Users have the ability to configure the menu system as they see fit. Users can even drag and drop their icons around to make it faster to get the information they use most.

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Submission Workflow2

Streamlined Workflows

A re-designed submission workflow increases efficiency by enabling users to move candidates through the hiring process faster than ever before. You can even toggle between seeing candidates actively in a stage or how many have historically been in that stage.

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