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Bullhorn One

Win Clients & Recruit

Make better decisions, improve sales and recruiter productivity, and manage the entire recruitment and applicant management process from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Manage & Place

Fill jobs, and automate candidate onboarding to save time and money. Everything you, your candidates, and your clients need for a smooth placement process.

Pay & Bill

Collect and interpret time, issue invoices, calculate gross pay, and track gross margin with pay/bill management as reliable as your brand.

Report & Measure

Make better decisions throughout the entire lifecycle with fully-embedded business intelligence and reporting.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the next frontier in recruitment technology. Unlock possibilities, efficiencies, and experiences never available before. With more than 10,000 customers on one, unified data platform, no other solution can come close to harnessing the power of Bullhorn’s 600 BILLION records, learn from data, and apply it towards leading innovation.


Bullhorn’s open ecosystem gives customers the toolkit they need to build a unique solution. Robust APIs enable seamless integrations with everything from job boards to pay & bill vendors, and financial reporting tools.

Run Together as

One Team

Bullhorn unifies your entire agency with solutions that align the work of every department, individual, and role to achieve profit, growth, and a seamless candidate and customer experience.

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Unify your Data with

One Truth

Bullhorn centralizes the management of critical information that fuels your entire staffing business.

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Innovate and Differentiate with

One Platform

Customize our solution to fit your needs, differentiate your firm, and future proof your investments.

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