Why contractor care is useful

  • Communicate with contractors during the assignment
  • Quickly identify problems like contractor dissent
  • Reduce mid-assignment fall-off
  • Forecast contract end dates more accurately


Key triggers & actions

The trigger to enter a contractor care workflow would typically be after a new hire based workflow. After new hires go through an initial campaign, they enter contractor care to maintain the relationship during the middle part of an assignment. How a contractor would enter this workflow:

  • They’ve completed a new hire workflow
  • They are a current contractor without any activity in 1 month


With these triggers, the actions we typically see deployed are email, but we also see follow-up tasks, notifications and text messaging used during an assignment.

  • Send email at 30/45/60/etc… days
  • Send text message 1/2 way through assignment
  • Add call task during the end to prep redeployment

Key metrics

Since we’re really trying to nurture a current relationship, basic metrics around engagement are what we’d recommend watching. Those include

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Engagement score

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