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iPhone Love @ Bullhorn

I have a new iPhone and so does just about every one on the team at Bullhorn. For those of you who read this blog, you probably aren’t surprised, even though it’s only been 5 months since I wrote about… Read More

Bullhorn’s New Web Services APIs

Recently, we released a major upgrade to our platform APIs. If you’re not a technical person, this may not sound very interesting, but read on. I think you’ll see that Bullhorn’s APIs will have a big benefit for all of… Read More

An Update on Bullhorn’s Mobile Strategy

Recently, a lot of people have been asking for an update on Bullhorn’s mobile strategy. Obviously, this is driven in part by the importance of mobile devices in today’s business world, but I also think the parade of exciting new… Read More

Dawn of the Twitpile

So, just when you thought all the potential uses for Twitter had been exhausted, along comes the online pig pile or, “Twitpile,” as I’ve termed it. A site called has launched with the sole purpose of gathering complaints about… Read More

Innovating Through Choice

Over the past few weeks, Bullhorn has been working on some innovations to address feedback we’ve received from customers and prospects. We’ll be making an announcement early next week, so I won’t give any thing away other than this: it… Read More

How Can I Quickly Identify “Good” Accounts?

I hear this question quite often from CEO’s, business owners, sales executives, and recruiters. Out of the millions of companies we have available to prospect for new business, how does one quickly decipher through it all and identify “good accounts?” … Read More

No More Cold Calls (than it took last week)

We all know that the top public staffing firms have seen revenue drop 30% year over year. And, private staffers aren’t having a much better go of things. Then, Barry brought us all down last week with the announcement that… Read More


If you remember the 90s, you were there! My introduction to the Staffing Industry was in 1991. I wish I could say that the economy was rockin’ and rollin’ at that time, but the fact is that unemployment averaged about… Read More