Why is this helpful?

Candidates who are actively visiting your website and engaging with your communications need immediate attention and nurturing.  And your recruiters need to be able to followup with them in a timely manner.  How about we automate some of that?

With these automation ideas and best practices, you can create workflows that will:

  • Improve candidate experience
  • Increase the likelihood of a candidate getting placed, quickly
  • Make life easier for recruiters who want to quickly (and easily) followup with hot leads


Deeper dive

1. First decide which candidate activities you want to include as triggers in your workflow, and build out the list segmentation. Possible activity triggers include:

  • Candidate visits website
  • Candidate views specific page or job
  • Candidate opens or clicks a link in an email
  • Candidate completes a survey
  • Candidate applies for a job

Bonus points for segmenting candidates by type of page or email acted upon (i.e. job posting, content topic, homepage) and then customizing the followup messages accordingly.

Actions Triggered by Candidate Activity


2. Add a followup email to the workflow – Design the email and messaging according to the activity and desired next steps for the candidate.


Thank you for your interest in [YOUR COMPANY NAME]!

I noticed you came by our website, and I’d like to offer you some more insight on [TOPIC] – [ADD LINK TO ARTICLE ON WEBSITE].

If you’d like you can book a time on my calendar or let me know a good time for you, so we can discuss [TOPIC] and what you are looking for in your next job.

In the meantime, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Talk soon!


3. Add additional actions to the workflow, as needed. Potential actions could include:

  • Update candidate’s status
  • Send a notification to the recruiter
  • Assign a contact owner if blank
  • Add a task for the contact owner to call
  • Add a note to the candidate’s record
Actions Triggered by Candidate Activity


Bonus points

  • Consider launching multi-email and -text campaigns based on email engagement and topics viewed


Final Thoughts

Actively engaging with and nurturing candidates who are already showing interest in your brand and jobs is an easy way to quickly convert a hot candidate, while creating a better experience for the candidate by serving more relevant content and jobs.

Key metrics

  • Placement rate
  • Application rate
  • Email open rate and CTR

Tracking the success of these campaigns and how they impact your overall placement and application numbers is as simple as tracking those applications and placements back to these followup campaigns, by tracking the source.  This could be another automation or simply tracked via utm codes and your ATS.

Review the success of these campaigns as well as how they impact your total placement and application numbers.

As with most automations, the ROI should be very high because once the workflow is put in motion, it needs very little upkeep and resources to continue working for you.

Build this Automation: