Why is this helpful?

Make life easier for your business development team with this automated cold call follow-up email. Simply create a dynamic follow-up email template along with an automation workflow to send the follow-up email when a cold call note is added.

  • Reduce busy work for business development team
  • Improve experience for client prospects
  • Increase engagement of client prospects

Deeper dive

1. Build a Bullhorn Automation list for client prospects who have a cold call note.
Automate Cold Call Follow-up


2. Create a follow-up email template.


Sorry I missed you earlier – I was calling to check in how your %CATEGORY% searches were coming along.

It’s something we specialize in, and I’d love the chance to discuss %COMPANYNAME%’s challenges and needs.

Shoot me a note back or go ahead and book time on my calendar here: %OWNERCALENDARLINK%

In the meantime, I think you will enjoy our latest white paper on Recruitment Trends for 2020.

Talk to you soon,





3. Design the workflow to send your followup email to the list created above. You can add additional actions after the initial follow-up email, such as:

  • Add a task for the sales contact to followup
  • Notify the sales contact if email opened
  • Trigger a second follow-up email
Automate Cold Call Follow-up


Bonus points

  • Create additional filters for list segmentation to further customize the follow-up messaging and flow
  • Create a series of follow-up emails
  • Remove any client contacts from workflow whose status becomes Active or Contract In.
  • Update the client contact’s status for certain actions

Final Thoughts

This workflow allows your sales team to automate a task that they likely perform dozens of times per day.  Using dynamic fields and customization, you can still create a personal followup and workflow that will leave your client leads engaged and more likely to convert.

Key metrics

  • Open rate
  • Engagement score
  • Conversion rate
  • Contract revenue

You work hard for your client leads. Don’t let them go after one cold call attempt.  Keep the momentum and engagement growing using this workflow.  Your sales team will appreciate the hours back in their week, as well!

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