Why is this helpful?

While you may not think it, engagement starts the minute a candidate or prospective customer hits the ATS. By deploying a simple introduction email and call task, you improve your chances of building a better relationship and helping improve your employment brand. Bonus points for customizing the introduction depending on the source of how they got entered into your database.

  • Start nurturing warm leads so they know your brand already when they are ready to apply
  • Automatically trigger calls and emails when new candidates arrive
  • Candidate is immediately interacted with and can be ongoing
  • Helps track success rates per source
  • Automatic safety net if candidates fall through the cracks during the recruiting process


Deeper dive

1. Create the Bullhorn Automation list based on the newly sourced (or passive) candidate’s source. You may also want to filter by status, submission activity, etc to ensure your emails are delivering to passive candidates. For example:

Engage Passive Candidates

2. Once candidates fall into one of these lists, your workflow can then kick off a set of actions. For new candidates, simply sending regular emails with call tasks and setting a candidate status is all you’d need to do, however, we do recommend customizing those emails as much as possible.


I just wanted to check-in and let you know how thrilled we are to you as a member of our network of industry-leading %INDUSTRY% professionals and organizations.

As your dedicated recruiter, I look forward to working with you and helping match you to the right job for you.

I’d love to schedule a time with you to discuss your specific career needs and interests. Let me know when you are free OR go ahead and book time on my calendar here.

In the meantime, feel free to check out these %JOBTITLE% positions I’ve preliminarily matched you to:




Have a great day!


Bonus points

  • Create email variations for new candidates vs repeat candidates.
  • Add a second or even third email drip continuing to share relevant openings and content.
  • Assign contact owner for new applicants.
  • Send notifications or tasks to the recruiter when the candidates engages.
  • Change the status and/or score of the candidate record.
  • Add candidate to segmented list for ongoing job alerts.


Final Thoughts

Keep track of how your candidate generating sources are working for you by tracking candidate engagement by each channel.  Also, make sure you are optimizing the candidate experience for each of your sources by customizing a workflow like this ^^ to improve conversions for all channels.

Key metrics

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Job view rate
  • Apply rate
  • Engagement score
  • Matches
  • Placements
  • Placement revenue (by source)

Today’s passive candidate is next month’s (or even next year’s) hired candidate.  Start engaging and nurturing them from day 1 to improve outcomes and reduce ROI by recruiting out of your own ATS.