Why is this helpful?

Staying compliant with GDPR can feel like a full-time job (just ask the DPO), but it doesn’t have to be. Once it is set up, Bullhorn Automation customers enjoy a fully automated process that is always running in the background.

With Bullhorn Automation, your firm can collect initial consent, maintain ongoing consent, automatically share your privacy policy and be positive that it is done for every candidate at the exact right time.  And, thanks to a tight integration with Bullhorn, Bullhorn Automation is able to push everything into the consent module, so it will work perfectly with every other system.

  • Integrated
    Bullhorn Automation integrates directly into the consent section of Bullhorn. You can ensure that if consent is given or withdrawn, it will be stored properly making sure that any other system that leverages the data, has it where it should be.
  • Automated
    Bullhorn Automation triggers messages to the right candidates at the right time to help you collect initial consent, share privacy policy and log any changes. This happens automatically as soon as candidates are added or as time passes.
  • Compliant
    You shouldn’t have to ask your team to take the additional time to make sure you remain in compliance. They’ve got better things to do and they aren’t guaranteed to get it right every time.


Deeper dive

1. Consent from Bullhorn Automation to Bullhorn

When a candidate changes their privacy settings, a step in Bullhorn Automation will automatically update it in Bullhorn. Below you’ll see a quick view of where it is in Bullhorn, how it will be changed in Bullhorn Automation and then what it will look like once added.

GDPR Compliance

2. Sample Consent Workflow

Bullhorn Automation is completely configurable to support even the most complex workflows. A common example of requesting and logging consent is below, but Bullhorn Automation will be able to support just about anything you (or the SA’s) can dream up!

GDPR Compliance

Bonus points

  • Share updated privacy policy where consent is implied
  • Get consent from most of the rest of the database
  • Notification of privacy policy and right to forget for new applicants
  • Automate the process of getting consent for sourced candidates
  • Automating “non-consent,” once candidates have passed a timeframe and not given consent again


Final Thoughts

GDPR compliance is hard, Bullhorn Automation makes it easy. With our automated workflow that integrates directly with Bullhorn, you can set it and forget it while staying confident that you are in compliance.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of GDPR requirements for compliance. Please consult a legal professional to ensure your business meets compliance regulations.