Why is this helpful?

Create a better candidate experience and help prevent interview fall-off by implementing an automated interview confirmation email and text workflow.

  • Save recruiters time by automating interview reminders
  • Improve candidate experience by always getting interview reminder and details to them in a timely manner
  • Improve candidate interview conversion by providing interview tips and resources
  • Keep interviewees engaged to prevent interview fall-off and cancelations


Deeper dive

The basic workflow looks something like this – Create an automation to send a detailed reminder email and text message the day before the interview. Trigger the email off of the interview date.

1. Create a list with segmentation based on “interview scheduled” submission status.

Interview Confirmation


2. Create a workflow to send a reminder email and/or text to the candidates who fall into the above list.


Good luck on your interview tomorrow!

Here are the details for your meeting as well as some quick tips for nailing your interview.





Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to check out this article on 5 Tips for a Successful Interview.

Talk soon!






Bonus points

  • Change candidate status post interview
  • Send notification to recruiter
  • Add follow-up task for recruiter
  • Send post interview survey to candidate


Final Thoughts

If you aren’t engaging a candidate before and after their scheduled interview, you a missing an opportunity to nurture as well as prevent fall-off of the prospect. Candidates don’t want to have to guess when it comes to the interview process.  This workflow ensures that all of their questions and needs are met before the question even comes to their mind.

Here’s what you can track to ensure this workflow is improving the candidate experience and your recruitment outcomes.

Key metrics

  • Email open rate
  • Interview fall-off (reduction)
  • Placement rate
  • Placement revenue

With recruitment, it is so important to track and engage the candidate through the entire recruitment process.  Adding automations like this will help reduce fall-off and increase placements and revenue – Let the numbers speak for themselves!