Why is this helpful?

No one likes to be ghosted!  This automation will help your business development team stay on top of new client lead records by creating automatic notifications and alerts (and even followup messages) when a new lead has not been touched in X-number of days.

  • Prevent client lead fall-off
  • Increase lead conversion rate
  • Make life easier for sales team


Deeper dive

1. Create a list for any client contacts who have been added 60 days ago and does NOT have a note within 60 days.

Re-Engage Lapsed Client Leads


2. Once someone matches the above criteria, Bullhorn Automation can start notifying the record owner and work to re-engage the client lead.

Potential actions in workflow

  • Add a task for the client contact owner to followup
  • Send an automated followup email
  • Send a followup text message
  • Change the client lead’s status
Re-Engage Lapsed Client Leads

Final Thoughts

You work hard for your client leads.  This automation allows you to effortlessly re-engage and prevent leads from completely falling out of touch.  It also saves your sales team time and energy trying to keep track of potential leads that have been added to the database.

Key metrics

  • Engagement score
  • Open rate
  • Client contact score
  • Conversion rate
  • Contract revenue

Track these metrics before and after launching this re-engagement workflow to see the immediate and long-term impact it has on your sales outcomes.

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