Why is this helpful?

Top talent exists in your ATS…right now. However, it’s easy to look past candidates that aren’t on your current radar. With Bullhorn Automation, you can automate and nurture relationships with top talent and build a solid pool of top performers. Top talent could be 2nd or 3rd place candidates that weren’t selected by the hiring manager or a A+ candidate you want to place someday (soon!).

  • Stay in touch with A+ candidates
  • Reduces top candidates from looking elsewhere
  • Automatic safety net if candidates fall through the cracks during the recruiting process


Deeper dive

1. The trigger to enter a top talent list or campaign is usually a status or custom field in your ATS. For example, triggering criteria could be the following:

  • Candidate score is greater than 75
  • Candidate rating is Gold, A+ or Silver
  • Recent (30 days) submission
  • Status is active
Top Talent Engagement

2. Design your engagement email template(s) to nurture your selected talent (defined above).


I came across your profile and noticed it seems you are actively looking for your next contract assignment. Let me know if you have a few minutes to chat sometime this week!

If you’d like to take a look at some of our recent openings, I included a couple you could be interested in below:



Feel free to go ahead and schedule a time for us to chat here or let me know when is a good time for you.



3. Create your full engagement workflow for your designated top talent. For example, a ‘touching base’ email can be followed up by a call task 6 days later. With Bullhorn Automation, there really isn’t a limit to the automation you could deploy to build better relationships with top performers.

Top Talent Engagement

Bonus points

  • Create email variations for candidate type or specialty
  • Send notification to the recruiter
  • Add a followup task for the recruiter to call the candidate
  • Add a note to the candidate record
  • Change the status and/or score of the candidate record
  • Add candidate to segmented list for ongoing job alerts, if they aren’t already


Final Thoughts

Top talent is all about consistency and frequency to build better relationships. So, the metrics we would look at to judge performance would be:

Key metrics

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Job view rate
  • Apply rate
  • Engagement score
  • Activity (notes, tasks, appointments)