Why is this helpful?

Having up-to-date candidate resumes, job preferences, and experience means you can effectively source and target candidates directly in your own ATS.  Gathering the data (and keeping it fresh) can be a burdensome task, but not with Bullhorn Automation!  Here we show you how to automate another basic but necessary data hygiene task, enabling better recruitment and a better candidate experience.

  • Improves targeting and segmentation capability for candidate sourcing and marketing
  • Increases conversion rates for candidates by sending them the right jobs
  • Keeps your internal talent pool fresh and usable


Deeper dive

1. Create a list in Bullhorn Automation that looks for candidates with out-of-date or missing information.

Possible triggers

  • Missing or old resume
  • Missing contact or location data
  • Incomplete targeting data (category/specialty/skill)
  • Expiring credentials
  • No activity for extended time period
Update Candidate Resume

2. Build your information request survey and email/text templates. This can include a simple message stating how in order to better serve the candidate’s career and job placement needs, you need to update their resume/location/specialty/etc.


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3. Once someone gets pulled into the list criteria you have defined, this automation will trigger the data update survey and email above to the candidate.  From there, if they do not respond, we recommend adding additional touch points.  If after, say, 3 or 4 emails or texts the candidate still has not responded, we would suggest archiving the disengaged candidate so they aren’t junking up your ATS.

Update Candidate Resume

Final Thoughts

This workflow allows you to take better advantage of what should be your greatest asset – your candidate database.  It’s only as good as the data within, so use this workflow to keep it as up-to-date and useable as possible.  Once your database becomes more complete and up-to-date, you should see an increase in performance of all database-targeted recruitment efforts.

Key metrics

  • Email open rate
  • Engagement score
  • Time to fill
  • Submission rate

Additionally, giving your candidates the opportunity to update their own information will improve their experience working with your firm, while further improving your company brand.