Steps We're Taking to Help Our Customers

Due to the escalation of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the world is facing uncertainty and change at an unprecedented pace. Staffing and recruitment agencies are looking for guidance to determine how to adapt, work within a different environment, and continue to support the relationships that are so critical to the industry.  Bullhorn and the Marketplace Partners are here to help customers to adapt, drive efficiency where possible, and ultimately make your lives easier during these unprecedented times. 

Read on to discover the steps Bullhorn is taking to unlock barriers and enable you to be more efficient, today.

Like many of you, we’d like to help our customers and the larger industry navigate this challenging time.  We encourage you to get in touch with your Account Manager so they can ensure you get the help you need.

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Quick Efficiency-Boosting Tips & Tricks

Only have a few minutes? The team put together a set of videos to show you how to get the most of
key features in Bullhorn ATS. Each video is under 10 minutes long.


Bullhorn Search Tips and Tricks


Save Time with Bullhorn Email Integration


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Bullhorn Marketplace Partner Offers

We’ve built up an ecosystem of 100+ partner solutions that integrate directly into Bullhorn to extend your solution
and cover all of your business needs. Many of these solutions enable teams to conduct crucial tasks while working remotely.
Here are several offers to unlock these benefits:


During these challenging days and months, Asurint would love the opportunity to support the efforts of your company to help place candidates as quickly as possible by guaranteeing a savings of 15% for all your background screening needs. All Asurint needs is an invoice from your current vendor, with pricing and products, and they will guarantee a 15% discount from what you’re paying now. Asurint can facilitate your efforts to effectively place candidates even in the face of court delays or closures, remote workforces, and service issues.

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Additional Resources

Outside of these offers, we’ve also put together several resources for staffing and recruitment firms to look to during these uncertain times.

Week Over Week Staffing Statistics
With over 10,000 customers in the staffing and recruitment industry, we're tracking trends on key indicators on a regular basis. See the data below for weekly activity in the industry - we'll update the information below each week.
Government Support and Guidance
Local governments have announced various measures to support businesses during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. These links will direct you to the latest updates from each government body, and we will continue to update these as more information is released.
Articles and Webinars
We’re committed to bringing you the latest industry news and tips on our blog. We’ll also be hosting relevant webinars on key topics in the coming weeks.
Key Sites to Follow
Industry associations spanning the globe have put together a host of resources that cater to different geographies. Be sure to check out the content updates they are providing as well.