Bullhorn VMS Sync Submittals: Win more VMS business with HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

VMS sync submittals

The stakes are high to win in a competitive market with a limited talent pool of providers. Opportunities in the VMS/MSP market have grown. The VMS/MSP market has seen over 20% YoY growth since 2020, with much of this coming from the healthcare staffing industry in North America. In 2022, $48.3B was the VMS healthcare market spend1, with 71% of travel nurse revenue coming from a VMS/MSP2.

At the same time, the healthcare market continues to normalize, and facilities are focusing on reducing costs, especially contingent spend, and driving their own efficiency gains, including continuing to collaborate with VMSs/MSPs. Healthcare staffing firms are also trying to be more efficient—doing more with less—while trying to grow in a VMS/MSP environment.

Introducing VMS Sync Submittals for HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

VMS Sync Submittals for HealthTrust allows client managers to submit providers along with attachments like cover sheets and resumes to the VMS without ever leaving Bullhorn. You can get real-time VMS submission status updates so you know where your candidates stand and can layer in additional automation, like providing two new roles that may be a good fit or congratulating them that you’re moving onto the next step and getting them ready.

This is on top of VMS Sync jobs, where you can be notified of a new job and open the contextualized job with skills and specialties parsed and facilities accurately mapped. You get real-time VMS job status updates, so you’re only working the open jobs. We can map the credential requirements of the job so that when they come in, your credentialing specialists can understand what they need to collect to ensure compliance. With Bullhorn, you can search and match providers based on credentials and automate that if you’d like. Use Bullhorn Analytics to never miss out on key opportunities.

And this is just the beginning of increasing VMS automation functionality for healthcare so you can further increase speed to market.

To learn more, please reach out to your account manager or visit bullhorn.com/products/vms-automation

1. VMS Global Landscape and Differentiators Summary 2023
2. NATHO SIA Travel Nurse Benchmark Study 2023

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