Use These Two Bullhorn ATS Features as Part of Your CCPA Strategy


Note: this blog is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your legal counsel with respect to any questions or issues regarding the CCPA and/or CCPA compliance.

The forthcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will go into effect on January 1, 2020. In short, CCPA establishes enhanced consumer protection and privacy rights for those living in California. 

We provided a summary of what CCPA is and what it means for staffing firms here

The Bullhorn Product Development team recently released two pieces of functionality specifically with CCPA in mind. Read on for a breakdown of those two features and how you can use them as part of your overall CCPA compliance strategy. 

Data Capture Email Notification in Bullhorn ATS

A core component of any compliance strategy is the ATS, which is typically where the most candidate and client data is stored. 

Within the Bullhorn ATS, you’re now able to create specific language and messages around data capture to send to contacts, leads and candidates. In the Actions dropdown menu on a record, you will now find a ‘Send Data Capture Notification’ action that you can leverage as part of your CCPA compliance roadmap.


Once enabled by Bullhorn Support, data capture notifications can be customized using system settings. You are able to trigger an action that will log a note when the data capture email is sent. Additionally, you can adjust the text and subject line of each email that is sent to leads, candidates, or contacts ensuring you can customize and personalize the message at your discretion. 

Privacy Policy Link in OSCP

Bullhorn’s Open Source Career Portal (OSCP) is a free, customizable job portal that gives job seekers access to your company’s published jobs, which are uploaded to your website. The new version of the OSCP will now allow for a Privacy Policy to be hosted as a link from the main page of your career portal. You also have the ability to modify the Privacy Policy page.



Including a link to your company’s Privacy Policy is a way to provide additional visibility to job seekers about the collection, processing and storing of personal data by your company when they apply for an open role.

If you’re interested in implementing Bullhorn’s Open Source Career Portal at your company, please contact Bullhorn Support.

The action of taking inventory of current practices and determining which, if any, need to be updated to comply with the CCPA should happen well in advance of January 1, 2020. Starting the evaluation process early will help your staffing firm be prepared for when the legislation officially goes into effect.

For more information and to stay on top of future updates, we encourage you to visit the California Office of the Attorney General’s CCPA website and subscribe to the Bullhorn Compliance Digest.


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