Empower Your Sales and Recruiting Teams with Automation


Employees, candidates, contractors, prospects, and clients are all on journeys with your staffing firm. Employee journeys begin with the first day on the job. Sales journeys begin at first touch, proceeding through every stage of your sales funnel until the sale is made and morph into client journeys once that prospect is on board. Taking control of those journeys to create stronger relationships is essential to your long-term success.

We call these processes journeys for a reason, they can become long and drawn-out when there are so many required touchpoints. There are multiple places where communication with your prospects can drop off, they can become disengaged, or even become dissatisfied with the process. With so many journeys to follow, it can become an exhausting, near-impossible chore for your team to keep up with, let alone take control of. The risks losing track of any of these journeys are immense: loss of revenue, negative customer experiences, failure to redeploy, the list goes on.

Automation with the right platform allows you to create personalized messaging throughout the Journey, and to take away rich insights that help you to better target every prospect, customer and employee. This frees your sales and recruiting teams to focus on one-on-one interactions, rather than bogging them down with one-off emails and texts.

Automation With Bullhorn and Sense

  1. React at the right time with custom triggers: Use specific criteria in Bullhorn to automate emails and texts designed by your marketing or customer experience team for targeted audiences. Sense will auto-populate real-time data from Bullhorn to deliver a personalized message at the best possible time. An existing candidate applies to a job for the first time in a year? Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with relevant content through automation.
  2. Automate new leads: Ask if your contractors need any more assistance or have referrals. Sense will email ping a Referral Alert directly to the account manager assigned in Bullhorn, creating a new lead to follow up on.
  3. Enhance the candidate journey: From the interview process to the first day and beyond, automated texts keep your prospects and clients informed and engaged throughout their journeys. Your recruiter can make sure their placement knows where and when to show up, has the right equipment on hand, and doesn’t have any last-minute questions, without lifting a finger.
  4. Keep up with conference connections: If you recently attended a conference, once you load your new contacts into Bullhorn you can use Sense to set up a drip-campaign to follow-up and keep your brand top-of-mind with high-value content in drip campaign.
  5. Welcome new clients: Send automated clients based on status change in Bullhorn to welcome them to your customer community, engaging them from day one.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this post about injecting personalization into client texts.

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