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With just over half a year of experience as the Director of Enterprise Alliances at Bullhorn, I’m new to Engage: the leading staffing and recruiting industry conference in North America. But as a first timer, I was astounded at the small town feel at the conference—Engage felt more like a homecoming than a new venture.


Each moment I spent in a session or meeting, I was being warmly tugged around like I was at a family reunion. I would run into clients who we’ve presented to over the last few months here at Bullhorn, then I would turn and see colleagues from past workplaces. Another turn and I’d run into a new acquaintance who had been told to speak to “the guy in the bowtie” about their upcoming strategic challenges. At one point, I was literally chased down by a client who wanted to ensure we had a chance to speak—thanks Lucy Yaklich from Addison Group, your story and need to connect made my week! Not to mention how exciting it was to be in the presence of staffing leaders and exemplars in the industry, all readily accessible to talk strategy and get to know one another, as well.



The wonder of Engage isn’t only in the incredible industry speakers and content. For me, it was that this level of humanity—the value that so clearly embodies the staffing industry—does not exist at other shows. The ability to not only create a community of like-minded individuals but have it reaffirmed through networking, discussion and funny anecdotes. While the content is outstanding and the technical staff are awesome, the homecoming feel is what makes it so much more special than a Dreamforce or HR Tech show. I felt completely engaged with others, which, as a top-of-the-chart introvert, may have been a lot to take in in such a compressed time, but it was more pressure-free connection than networking. More like family than just familiar.


Bullseye Awards Engage Boston


I’m confident that our attendees will return to this homecoming year-after-year, selling out this incredible event. We’re excited to be moving to Austin, Texas, for Engage 2020!


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