January 2019 Product Release Highlights

January Product Updates

Happy New Year! We’re starting off 2019 with the latest in Bullhorn features and functionality and are pleased to announce that the January product release is now ready for deployment! You can expect to see the following updates, enhancements, bug fixes and product changes in Bullhorn by the end of January.


LinkedIn Integration Gets a Makeover


The previous LinkedIn-Bullhorn integration, Cross-System Awareness, will be deprecated at the end of March, and replaced by the new integration, Recruiter System Connect! Recruiter System Connect allows recruiters to streamline their hiring and recruiting processes by providing access to consistent candidate data across hiring systems.

LinkedIn Bullhorn

More Privacy Updates

S Release and Novo

To help you ensure that you are GDPR compliant, additional fields will now be anonymized when using the anonymization function on candidate, contact, or lead records: custom fields, ethnicity, date of birth, and submission comments.

Change Requests in Novo


Placement Change Requests will now display the following fields if they are unhidden: markUpPercentage, billRate, and payRate.

New Fields for Placement and Candidates!

S ReleaseNovo

The following new fields on placement and candidate entities can now be managed through View Layout:

  • customText 21 – 40
  • customTextBlock 6 – 10
  • customInt 4 – 23
  • customFloat 4 – 23
  • customDate 4 – 13
  • sectionHeader 4 – 8

Bug Fixes

Double Barrelled Names


We had a minor bug in Novo that meant the picker wouldn’t return names that were double-barrelled. Sorry Olivia Newton-John, we fixed it!

Canvas Shared Report Fixes


We were experiencing an issue around shared scheduled Canvas report, wherein editing the shared field would remove some of the recipients. Now, when sharing a Canvas report, the recipient field will now display all the users and/or departments the report is shared with on edit.

Country Codes


We resolved an issue with Bullhorn Sidebar in which candidates in Bullhorn who had country codes in front of their phone number weren’t recognized in job boards.

For a complete look at December’s product updates, please visit The S Release and Novo release notes.


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