January 2022 Product Updates and Enhancements

product updates

Curious what product updates and enhancements we’re launching in Bullhorn this month? Read on to explore the highlights of the January 2022 Bullhorn release and what it means for you. We roll our updates out in phases, so if you don’t see these changes reflected in Bullhorn yet, you can expect to see the following highlights in your instance by the end of the month.

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Updates to Bullhorn ATS & CRM

Bullhorn ATS


  • Read Only Custom Objects Visibility: Read-only custom objects are no longer visible on the record edit tab. 
  • Date Fields Reverting to Current Date: Users will now be warned if they enter an incorrect date in a date field.
  • Read-Only Fields: Users are no longer able to navigate into read-only fields by tabbing on the edit screen to make updates to the field.
  • Google Icon Search Query Update: A formatting issue was fixed that caused the ‘G’ Google icon on candidate records to not execute a proper Google Search in a new tab.
  • Public/Private Options Added to Saved Searches: When saving a search, users may now select whether the search is public or private.
  • Submission List Includes All Custom Fields: The Job Submission list now allows users to display all available custom fields in the list and sort and filter by them.
  • Translation of Task Overview Page: We resolved an issue where certain labels of the Task feature weren’t properly localized based on the user language. The following labels now display correctly for all languages:
    • Tasks visible in the bowling alley
    • Entity header label for “Task”
    • Entity overview label for “Task Repeats”
  • Tax Form State Field Allows Canadian Provinces: The state picker has been enhanced on the Novo State and Local Tax Forms so users are able to configure the picker to include Canadian provinces in addition to US states.

S Release

  • Added U.S. Territories to State – Drop Down and State – Mini Picker: United States Territories are now available in the State – Mini Picker and State – Drop Down fields when the selected country is the United States.
  • Enhanced Logging For DM8: Logging for DataMirror 8 now removes duplicate entries of error logs. Errors will now only be logged once. Additionally, for create events that were previously processed, we now log these as warnings instead of errors.
  • Anonymize Merged Records: Records that have been merged with another record will now be anonymised when the primary record is.  Previously the secondary record was only soft deleted. 
  • Updated Filter Slideout to Replace Scrollbar on Mobile: When selecting filter criteria, a new filter slideout replaces the horizontal scrollbar filters.
  • Azure SSO Users No Longer Prompted To Change Password: Users that have Azure as a SAML provider no longer occasionally receive the reset password prompt.

Product Updates for Bullhorn VMS Sync

Bullhorn VMS Integration

VMS Sync

  • Beeline Multer User/Buyer Configuration: Beeline multi-buyer logins are now supported to eliminate the need to split logins with multiple buyers into individual logins for each buyer.
  • Bullhorn ATS Operation Throughput: Enhanced support for bulk position upload prevents duplicate ATS Job/Company creation.
  • Freeform Mapping: Freeform values in Flex Mapping Links are preserved when Link is created and when Account is refreshed.
  • LocumsMart Facility Address/Location: LocumsMart reqs now include facility address and restores both address population on ATS Job and Company Mapping linking.
  • Salesforce Lookup By ATS ID For Company: ATS lookup fields now support both name and ID for Salesforce to reduce lookup delay for customers with large value sets and increase accuracy when multiple values are returned for name.
  • VNDLY getReqlist Positions: VNDLY positions now process as expected. 

VMS Sync Submittals

  • Submission to VMS Populates ATS Company: ATS Company now populates when ATS Client Submission is created via Submit to VMS

Enhancements to Bullhorn’s Pay & Bill Functionality

Bullhorn Pay & Bill

Middle Office

  • Filters on Payable/Billable Charge List Screen: Filters and pagination will now be preserved even after a user makes an action on the records in the list. 
  • Location Search by Type on Billing Profile and Job/Placement: When setting the location on a Billing Profile, Job, or Placement you will now only see locations relevant to that record type ensuring the location selected is correct for more accurate tax information on invoices. 
  • Header Text Wraps on List Pages: The Invoice, Billable Charges, and Payable Charges lists headers support word wrapping so that long field labels in the header display the full text.


For a complete look at January’s product updates, please visit the full release notes.


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